Old School Love in Digital Era

I am an old soul stuck in a new body. I still feel from an era long forgotten. The era was when something is broken it gets repaired, what is served is what you eat, what is right and wrong was more important than what you want, I miss the days wherein WYSIWYG and it was alright.  Now the era is of the launches; it is THE new launch, so? The old one doesn’t work, not that old one had a problem, but then huh who cares, there is a new launch, right! It is funny,  lying and laying is ok but touching each other’s phone is out of sight as it truly an issue with the privacy policy for the software called life.

The COVID – 19 pandemic has got people thinking, thinking of parting ways. What seemed surreal was not real, just a couple of weeks together and the couple faded away. Swiping right is alright till the time it is casual, swiping left because you look for something serious and real. It is more of paycheques, its more off upgrades and downgrades, it has to do with everything else that we can buy; but nothing to do character, love, loyalty, stability and trust for I am just an old soul stuck in a new body trying to surive.

Relationships move from date nights to date nights, it is only good till the time it lasts for the night. It is all about calculations, not much because it feels right. I ask is it helping now when the fancy restaurants are closed?  Is it helping now when you have nowhere to go? Is it helping now when you cannot shop, it is helping now when you have nothing fancy to drop? Is it helping now when you have nobody to hold?

I come from an era where the later mattered more, love was real and life matters more. Ethics and commitments meant to be far more. Betrayal is what I have felt; more so when I trusted twice. Texts, emojis and gifs fill your phone, but you have nothing to say; when you look in the eye stone cold. The commitment is slow for me, for I believe committing for life. Just saying I love you do not suffice; when you mean it until only till the next disagreement arise. I am still an old soul stuck in a new body trying to survive.

The world is virtual and my soul is real. It will all come back either in this life or the next my dear. Do I add to my karma or let is go in peace? As I have learnt my lessons and I pay no more heed. The baggage is heavy already, I need not add more as I have got plenty. Though the baggage drops as I make my peace with the lesson, there is no liking nor aversion. I do not need another loop of lost love, broken heart, betrayal and spend days judging my own part; for I am still an old soul stuck in a new body trying not to fall apart.

Love will help me to move on, with someone who will love me back all along. We are temporary in this eternal quest for eternal life. Let me live this one in peace without coping up with the new digital era of love life. I have myself to love; before I can share my life. I am still an old soul stuck in a new body trying to survive.

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