Relativity of Time

We all know that women would take more time to get ready than men, interestingly they make sure that wait is worth it! When you are married shopping is not window shopping, spending time together, eating out or hanging out. It is serious shopping, there is a list and bills. You expose yourself to different kind of shopping / management / spiritual lessons which are written nowhere, but they are the intrinsic qualities of a strong woman. For Example when you go for vegetable shopping negotiations skills are like killer, it is nothing got to do with the price but the whole concept of negotiation is like amazing, animated, my job is only limited to carry the bags out of the car, whatever the shopkeeper pours in, carry the bags around. Have sugarcane juice and point at all the possible foods / things / fruits around to trouble her a little.

Anyway the point is not that, the thing is the time spent obviously it flies since ages, since we have met to be honest. The quality time is to be noticed. I always thought what is quality of time spent? Is it spending time and being available for everything and everybody? Or just presence but running 10 other things in the head. Actually it is being there and when you are there, you see around, look at your surroundings, notice things around react to your surroundings, not to situations! You spend time because you wanted to be here rather than need to be. Time will be spent anyhow, but do you want to spend time or you need to, decides you are spending quality time.

Not to get disheartened, when you are shopping there is one more interesting pattern I have noticed, they would pick up 10 things, however may bill only 4 or 5, it is like you having going to spin the wheel but suddenly, the machine went off cause no electricity. Another lessons don’t anticipate without proof, forecast but don’t depend on the forecast. Also accept total incorporation, we were shopping this Sunday out of the blue cause my wife was driving and suddenly we had a u turn on the road cause we crossed her’s one of the favourite brands and had to check the summer collection. I was not ok for a top cause it was dull in colour, but no we had to try it to make sure how it exactly looked, put in the shopping bag and then decide. I would not bother with much colour combination’s to my wife because I guess she knows as many names of the colours as many hair on my head. How on earth can you have pink, then baby pink, bright pink, neon pink and I don’t know what pink. However as you would mock a kid I expressed my opinion which was thrown right away out of the window, door, me with it. Just Kidding!!! However post the close inspection and quality check the top was thrown out and not me. Sigh of relief!

It is not always about logic there is something called sixth sense and it makes sense when all your logic fails you. It is said that women have a better sixth sense than men. There are things / buys / opinions which are without any logic, I make sure I hear carefully cause at times she causally speaks such intriguing things which are a serious food for thought. If it was only for logic for me to run, machines would outbeat humans. Don’t get logic in everything and anything. In all honesty learn to live the time, time is relative, irreversible and wasting on something where you don’t wan’t to be, not worth it.

Happy married life to you!!!

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