Momo’s and Learning

Now when you are in a new city, it takes time to find your way around. Specially the things which are not on google maps (avoiding the fact that the new update is actually worse than the previous one). So busiest, commercial street, all the fancy restaurants, with all the cuisines are available in the patch of this 1.5 km road. However we wanted momo’s to eat. No worries google and here you have it, but no we want to have the momo’s that are sold in stalls and not the restaurants. Honestly it was kind of I don’t know what to say situation, but then finally I could find and figure out and that too by actually asking people.

Learning you try to avoid a situation you do not know an answer to, let that not overpower your relationship. I said plainly I do not know where you can get it but lets try and find out. The insight is my feeling was not what do I say situation it was incapability or lack of knowledge which I was not really ready to come on the surface. In a relationship these small things and trying to be your best should not supersede the reason of you being together. It is ok not to be your best, it is ok not to know things it is ok to express your fears, remember communication gap is not created when not communicating, it is created because you are communicating other than what you feel or think. Transparency is the key and you may find your best partner in crime and in life to be same person.

I have no preference for vegetarian food in the sense I would have anything and everything without a second thought. This too seemed to be a bit difficult to get used to, cause my wife would ask what would I like to have and I would say anything is fine, but you know that is not a good idea! When asked keep preferences but settle with whatever is there on the plate. The honest reason is you should be interested in having some home cooked food, but you should also be ok with whatever is served. Always remember there is no harm in having food which has a pinch of salt more or less, or bit less or more spicy but it is important to appreciate the efforts that is put in. In case you are lucky like me wherein your wife loves to try new dishes and an awesome cook so in that case you put on more weight which sadly even I have, and rationing has not really helped much. Tomorrow morning for walk for sure!

Try to keep some schedule for having food, at-least one meal together. Remember spending some quality time along with some time doing activities together is very important. One weekend, we just landed back having board games back home. Take some time to do different activities don’t fix a schedule you cannot manage and don’t free your schedule where you have to find reasons and fill in the answer to the questions like what do we do next? It is difficult than said, as lately my work is coming back home with me. I know it is not being appreciated, however there is no tension in the air yet. But if you know it acknowledge it, appreciate your parter allowing you to lead the work life balance.

Try out a day wherein you have meals at your pace and ideally with no lets go out and hang out with more 10 people. ┬áThese things are not unknown, however trying to keep your promises, accepting and saying sorry when you are unable to, only helps to build the trust without losing hope. Have funny fridge magnets, I picked up (calories don’t count on weekends), My wife picked up (no cooking on Sundays) and more we have collected over a period of time, it helps you to understand and know the situation before you get into a situation.

Stay foodie, stay blessed.

Happy Marriage To You!!


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