From Single to Taken

 This section is dedicated to wife’s and hushhhhhh. (husbands). This is purely for training and quality purposes, use of this information and reaction in any unlikely manner to husbands from the wife’s does not / will not / cannot hold the author responsible for. However when something good happens and spark ignites between the two of you, you can surely write in your kind words with flowery personifications. You will be able to resolve questions like, Is it for real?  Does this really happen? what did I do? and what the ……am I suppose to do? The version from the husband and than of the wife (My wife is helping me to understand her side of the story as well) So trust me it is all balanced! How to survive tricky situations and contrasting things to reach a mid level so that it always does not look like divergent extremes. Do not make a daily soap out of yourselves for others to gossip! Making sure that living an enjoyable life is more important than leaving an opportunity to have an enjoyable life. If you are married make it enjoyable, if you are getting married don’t get carried away with husband, wife joke’s. Trust me if everything was so wrong in getting married the whole world would not be getting married to each other! Anyway if you are planning to get married or are married and looking forward to refresh, rejuvenate the couple life again this is where you got to be. Lastly if you want discuss anything in particular you can type in happy to help!

The first thing  to realise is you are married and that is it! Do not make too much fuss about it, you are same two individuals with now a legal stamp to be together, to make it happily ever after is purely your own business, it does not change you, only immediate circle your close friends and family just gets bigger, may or may not always get better as well. Expectations post marriage from either husband and wife have a funny deep incline in the opposite direction and reaches levels beyond love to ego, cold wars, now I have to live with it, perfection which does not exist and standards which are built in years if to replicated within a couple of days is unlikely to happen, deal with it, help each other as much as you can but don’t expect it. Let’s start with an easy one…

When I got married I realised, that my bed has two sides, until then for me it was my room with my bed, come and drop dead on the bed for a nice sleep. Then I got married, instead of having and keeping forward any preferences, I just jumped in to the opposite side of the bed, see there are couple of things you need to understand post all the functions / formalities of the marriage party generally you are seriously tired. When you are tired, you just want to take some rest and catch some sleep. At that point anything and everything is secondary. Don’t make it complicated, don’t plan surprises, you both know you are tired, just go and take some rest. Out of the blue surprises and expectations is major turn off with newly married. Keep the surprises when you are old and times when you run out of ideas and responsibilities are taking a toll on you. There are no norms,set patterns to be benchmarked because it happened today it would happen tomorrow the same way as well. Tomorrow my wife likes the other side of the bed. Simple I just jump the other side sorted, chill. Have some nice words to each other before sleeping. A lot of things are new alright so, it is not that either of you are wanting to do it any other way. Both of you are trying your best to do, the right thing. However it is just that it may be different. Accept it, discuss and understand different point of views. Don’t get carried away  who said who and what has to be done. It will get sorted, till the time you both are headed for same direction, everything would come into place have patience. Even if you are not and it seems going in different directions wait, need not come to conclusion then and there. Remember now you have two side to things, it will give you a balanced approach.

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Happy Marriage to you!

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