Myth – A reality

015 Myth is something which ideally not real in the true sense. However it may have believers, followers and supporters. The myth is that you should not lie, the reality is that telling the truth will take you nowhere. Boosting ego massages takes you heights. Myth you should hire people who are smarter than you. The reality insecure culprits of positions holding will never hire people who are smarter than them. Myth it is going to be fine, reality it hits your harder and the previous hit and then it just happens to feel light enough to move ahead.

Myth is nothing unreal it is something existing in our day to day lives, surrounding us calling us fake names and believing it to be true. The myth is selfish greed of advertising for the few, for the benefit of fewer and spread in masses for display claiming you are losing out on something. The myth is I know; the reality is I believe I know. The myth is to fall into love, the reality is rising in love.

I claim for nobody for I claim for myself, I am no different than the world, I am because you perceive, people forget that everything is in relation to. Motion is in relation to something stationary, similarly something stationary is in relation to the motion of an object outside. However we all geeks would understand that the earth in itself in motion! So Am I stationary or in motion? So the question is what is that absolute truth, I may add there is a limitation to our knowledge and the truth is partial in every possible way.

It does not mean we should not say the partial truth we know off, it means we should be able to accept the probability that there is more than the truth I know off. It is difficult to show ourselves as inferior, however my friend none of us are inferior! We are different and excellent in different course of actions! But we are not the absolute as well. It is ok to be normal. It is ok to have a limited exposure, it is not ok to suppress other living soul due to your limited exposure.

Forget not, there are always two sides, because the world is built it that way; not that you and I have a choice over it! So best is to stick the course you know off, the ones your guts tell you. You have to live with yourself and everything else around is going to be as it is, inspite of you, irrespective of you and in respect to you. This is the cruel reality nobody is talking about. If you would know that you don’t know, how would it feel? The myth is that I am suppose to know, the reality is knowing more will make you understand how much less you know off.

Following myths, leaders and internet trolls have become the norms. Cribbing about because you did something and cribbing about because you did not do something is always there. Why not to find solace with yourself, the world will find their own. You are not responsible for the whole wide world, you are responsible for you. Understand you as in existence is a reality and everything surrounding is also reality the only problem is reality, is in context to you and not vice versa. Choose your sides!



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  1. richa singh says:

    The myth is I know; the reality is I believe I know. Lovely words.. Myth is to exist reality is to live 🙂 My own two pence worth of thoughts 🙂

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