and Nothing stops

With the myth that things would stop, would hamper, something somewhere057 would not happen because I am not there. Shattered like the glass falling from great heights never to find unity again in those pieces of glass. The first realisation was how minuscule am I? The second so is the ant but everybody has got to do their bit, without the taking the ownership of everything and anything. What do I do with my life? Like I hardly control anything even that is doubtful! Nothing would stop cause I am not there! So what am I doing here?

I am not here to compare the fortunate and unfortunate, cause living on the planet earth is going to troublesome, there is going to be issues, that is the whole idea of landing on this planet. Say’s Who? Well speaking scriptures, text; you would find that it is written a number of times, the idea we are here, to learn and learning is happening the hard-way. The greater the challenges, the greater the learning. It goes to the extent of saying that it is one facing the tests is the one who opted to be tested. So like I wanted to test myself for something and I had only chosen the curriculum for the same.

It is still not coming clearly? Well lets see it this way, you only realise the value of things once you lose it. Forget your car keys, that is when you would even think about putting it in the right place. You may or may not put it in a particular place after you have found out the keys however, you would realise the importance of a metal thing; until you cannot open the door. Life is life; take it for granted, lose it and complain in disparity what have you lost. However everybody has chosen a different course to study, so everybody would have very different lessons to learn.

One thing is for sure that there are stamps which are imprinted on our soul, either we hate too much or we love too much, these imprints remain for a duration more than one could remember. These imprints are the freewill we are executing in our lives. That is all, the freewill is limited to our affection and hatred. We control that and that only, carrying either of them is taking too much burden for an unknown journey, for an unknown destination, and for unknown reason. We are so afraid that we might need something, someday has become more important than living right now. Your insurances, your credits, safety houses etc. I am not saying it is important or not important to have it; but are we wishing to have tragedies so we can survive?

The only thing is my hands is to love, and to love enough that the hatred does not increase its intensity if not diminishing at all. At times, what I am suppose to do is more important of a question to be answered than how do I do it? Radius of reach looks in palce, now I just have to keep on working in all direction to complete the circle of life. Difficult or easy is only when you have either surpassed it or facing it. Judge not yourself; as conveniently you judge others, there is a good for you to do, lets work on it and let the others be, cause when you fail nobody else can write the test for you. You make it more difficult to re reread it again. Make the best choices, you do not have a control but you have a choice. Don’t leave to anyth. Execute it to your best will.

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  1. sathish says:

    gotcha. I would say this is well written.

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