Shahid the movie

‘Mujhe nainsafi dekha kar khuda ne insaaf sikhaya….’ It is surely a watch; based on true life events of the late lawyer Shahid Azmi. It is surely a watch not because the direction is realistic, not because the story has weight, not because of the star cast, not because it made sense, but because after having all of the above mentioned in amply quantity and quality;trust me it has much more. it is new look of bollywood.

Raj Kumar Yadav, KK Menon beatiful performance. Specially the transition role from Shahid to lawyer Shahid has been given complete justice. KK Menon as always with limited dialogs has done a great job. The interesting part is that there is one song in the movie which comes in the end. In bollywood where songs and item songs play such a vital role. It is surely a risk well taken. This movie with 1 hour 52 minutes makes it a concentrated watch.

The movie is not dragged and not compromised. It starts of a boy in Kashmir landing up in training camps. Running from the camp but winding up in jail, completing the education from the jail and after being released; studies law. This whole of it is not happened in a period of months but long years. Which actually raises concern over the judiciary system of India.

Tried his hands to work under a lawyer but justice was sold, which came to surface to Shahid early. Started off his own practice and then the things change. He started defending the innocent people who were jailed, the media was not a very stong supporter of this upcoming lawyer.

A series of cases and a number of threats to leave the case, until working on his last case where he is being slained. Apurva Asrani, Sameer Gautam Singh have written apt; just apt is the word. Direction was realistic and well directed. How the life of a common man with ups and downs; twists and turns take him to become somebody more then common.

All in all why to watch, direction, speed, cast story, dialogs apt, justified.

For whom to watch the movie, if you looking for some food for thought, thriller kind, based on true events and movie just not a time killer; you would love it.

Go ahead and enjoy the movie and last but not the least. Sir, justice delayed is justice! The crux of the movie.



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  1. Divya says:

    Very good review.. vl have to watch it!

  2. Have seen the film. Nice review 🙂

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