Paralyzed Love

I am grovelling crawling on the ground. My ribs are broken for sure, I cannot breathe; it is difficult to breathe…it hurts. Blood oozing out I did not bother to figure out from which stomata or how many? Honestly I could not dare to nor was I in a position too.  My throat is dry I turned to my back; my throat is abysmally pricking […]

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Love Deprived

Chapter VI This is me now, too busy and worked up life. If there was time to breath I would say yes I had some time for myself today. Friends have changed to colleagues and colleagues to acquaintances. The number on facebook friends list is crossing bounds and leaps and distance from my friends is further distant. There is something in all this ‘just perfect […]

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Loneliness please take over me…

Chapter V It is Saturday, pretty close to midnight my usual time to enter the club. After time and time over; everything is just ‘I don’t care anymore’. Crowded than ‘hell’; assuming as if ‘paradise’ is still with any space above. Some new faces; some usual faces; usual only till the time the lights are off; fancy lasers are on and high spirits keeping them […]

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The first time I saw….

Chapter IV Happiness is a feeling, but people at large that endlessly keeps saying it, that they are happy all the time; is a myth! Sadly we all know that ‘life is a bitch’; but hypocrisy has taken an edge over; honest, genuine feelings. Search for a happy blogs on the internet and the results may show up like ‘does your soul have a home?’ […]

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The screams….

Chapter III Late night, closed eyes; calm stochasticity sound of water; cool breeze blowing through my temples. Head falling behind, no land beneath my feet; hands stretched back on the palisade of the lake. Nature’s soothing muzak flirting in my ear drums.  Paradise I could feel; away from the besieged forces of the world. Lost from the world and found peace with myself. It was […]

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The startle fall…..

Chapter II The goodness; austere with leaps and bounds of infinitum arrant beauty, Leela was all over my head. Nothing could show me the darkness just below the lit oil lamp. I was head over heels would be an understatement. All I had to say for the people jealous or not in love; that ‘Love is blind’ my friend told me looking at you I […]

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