Artist, News, Fact, Life, Rush, Today?

Being aware for what? Obviously books are the best friends cause they pass on the emotions / information / knowledge and more than that learning which otherwise would be understated / unheard for / not exposed ideally that used to happen and said! Today we are so much in a hurry that we do not want to spend time on really going through and having […]

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So being a Indian

India is just not a country of diversity, it is a country defining diversity out to you. The country has immense history, also it has obviously a lot of people (1.25 billion and counting), it is a large country (7th largest country by size), it is facing a lot of changes all the time (geographic with regards to climates from one part to the part […]

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laws in India

Time is the most vital commodity available to mankind. If anybody could share anything with any other person on this earth; it is time. Rest everything else is negotiable, time just runs out. Lately I have been honestly tied up with too many things and could not post. Though I had so much happening around and so much to share. It doesn’t matter I am […]

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An Indianer Part III

It is 31/12/2013, the last day of the year 2013. Where is the party? What’s the plan? Messages filled inbox’s with good wishes and best wishes. The people you would have anticipated to wish and loads of people you wouldn’t have anticipated. What is behind all the good wishes? Interesting question right. Now I would not like to question the wishes, I am just trying […]

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The Indianer Part II

Going ahead with being the normal, urban Indian series. We face delima, the delima is just around all the time, all the place. Somewhere that makes me think that our youth, ourselves are losing the focus of life. When standing on the traffic signal we all know that we are suppose to stop at red, go at green. Since our childhood we have been taught […]

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An Indianer!!!

It has been on my mind since ages; I would say, really likes ages. Somewhere, something or other just kept me off writing an Indianer. To the extent I wrote, saved and never posted over the period of time it was write, save but dont post it. Couldn’t really understand why; it was something telling me not to post it. Nonetheless I know now the […]

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