Aniket Jha

Relationship and new normal

As the pandemic has hit us hard, the days are passing by. However, the certainty of life seems to fall astray. There is light at the end of the tunnel; how far not sure? There are so many things on my mind, yet not sure and there is hope, this is despair, there is regrets and something to share. There are unsung songs yet to […]

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7 Next Big things in the Digital World

The business scenarios are going to change with an emphasis on digital connectivity and reach like never before. Just not because of convenience but also because of ease, necessity and reach. Simple solutions to complexity, scalability and pace, have unparallel demand to the new normal. Incorporating the following are the next big thing in the digital space for your business. 1) Search by voice: commonly, searching by […]

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Old School Love in Digital Era

I am an old soul stuck in a new body. I still feel from an era long forgotten. The era was when something is broken it gets repaired, what is served is what you eat, what is right and wrong was more important than what you want, I miss the days wherein WYSIWYG and it was alright.  Now the era is of the launches; it […]

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Ask Me Anything | 10 Most FAQ’s about digital advertising

Welcome to the universe of infinite possibilities. The ever evolving, dynamic, connecting across distances, communicating across languages and personalised to suit you, according to your preferences. This is the world of digital advertising, wherein even if you and the person sitting next to you, is watching the same youtube video, scrolling the same social media handle like facebook, reading the same news channel, still the […]

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The Internet is a Noisy Space | Make your Mark

If you think the Internet is a noisy space, let me tell you this, the internet is a very noisy space. There is calls, emails, chats, critical information, finance, ads, social media even your microwave thanks to the internet of things. In the midst of all these things, unmatched connectivity,  personalisation and data on cloud, where all the information is just a click away. This […]

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Covid -19 Lockdown | Do I market NOW or LATER?

So to simply answer to the question is YES & NO. Lets talk about the Elephant in the room. Getting too many calls, whatsapp with regards questions about; should we be marketing NOW? As there is more availability of the target audience. So the following should help you identify whether to go ahead now or later? Also what sector and shelf life of business does […]

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