Myth – A reality

Myth is something which ideally not real in the true sense. However it may have believers, followers and supporters. The myth is that you should not lie, the reality is that telling the truth will take you nowhere. Boosting ego massages takes you heights. Myth you should hire people who are smarter than you. The reality insecure culprits of positions holding will never hire people […]

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The sides of choice

The choice is a virtue bestowed by the freewill to undertake a journey to learn lessons; destined to learn. The question is how is it that; it is freewill anymore? Whatever happens, happens for the good. Is it more accepting of what has life come to or that you find out the best of whatever you have? All is but only; subjective. The reality of […]

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Conclusion – The Perfection of Renunciation Part I

Chapter 18, of the Bhagavad Gita, this chapter summaries the learning, the absolute truth, it is also my commitment coming to fulfillment of sharing of what has been written in the literature, in its format! The learning is a never ending process, however; what is to learn is truly a learning, This chapter gives us inputs with regards to caste system, interestingly the smoke and […]

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What has changed since…

The only constant is change! We are mere actors performing… at times I wonder who is the audience and then I looked around, I seek no more answers. Habits have changed to addictions and addictions have become way of life, way of life has become benchmarks and the greatest illusion that a thing can only be done this way, period! Any other way sounds like […]

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