Why connect is more important

It is a virtual world around us, no matter how much we crib either sides, in all honesty either of the extremes are not workable today. We cannot off tech completely cause then we are cut off from lot of ease on the other hand too much of tech is aloof of lot of people which again has more personality issues coming forward. Where do […]

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Easier said than done, create your own story

Your story may not have such a happy beginning but that does not make you who you are, it is the rest of it- who you choose to be – kunfu panda 2. When do I realise that the beginning is over and the choice to become starts? Do we get a sign ? A mail, message, what’s app ? How do I come to […]

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Life the roller coaster I never rode

I took the path less travelled but did not encourage to build the courage to walk on the path less travelled until recently I was left with only two choices, to take it or leave it! We get those caprice moments in life wherein we choose surely to act on our gut feeling as we start walking and people try to fade out, we run […]

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I just spilled it for you

Disclaimer: Yes I have have used foul language and strong words in this blog, that is so unlike me but hell ya I did it. So you if you mind then don’t mind to read it. However I would request my usual, sensible, honesty and peaceful loving readers to go ahead and have run down I am sure you would be able to connect to […]

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My Rights or My duties

The delima creating a turmoil; too late to experience in life or just too early to face another brutal aspect of life. We are tought to be trustful, honest, emphatic, kind, humble etc. Life has tought me something more in addition to the above, being honest will make you pay. Playing tricks is called being street smart. Kind and humble are only applicable when you […]

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The sides of choice

The choice is a virtue bestowed by the freewill to undertake a journey to learn lessons; destined to learn. The question is how is it that; it is freewill anymore? Whatever happens, happens for the good. Is it more accepting of what has life come to or that you find out the best of whatever you have? All is but only; subjective. The reality of […]

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