Let love be for Real!

In this constant quest for conclusion! I kept on waiting and making conclusions however the path did not end, the wait did not end the conclusions formed and reformed in reality it did not end! No better reason to blame because life has not ended yet! I walked down for miles, to find the end to make a conclusive story, an achievement to brag. I […]

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Rooftop, before I jumped!

Everyday morning, no matter how much I wanted to wake up sober and clear headed, every night I went to sleep only with doubts and self created assumptions about everything or probably nothing but animated creations stuck in my head. Which would find no relevance in heaven or hell, sad stories that only my head could prevail. It was just routine of getting wasted, bragging […]

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and Nothing stops

With the myth that things would stop, would hamper, something somewhere would not happen because I am not there. Shattered like the glass falling from great heights never to find unity again in those pieces of glass. The first realisation was how minuscule am I? The second so is the ant but everybody has got to do their bit, without the taking the ownership of […]

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Let’s go soul searching

Why has it come to a point where passion for work is more important than work itself? What is all the fuss about cut throat competition? Why is that businesses are growing but more and more people cribbing about less money? Is there a way to measure passion? People talk about passion and hire qualifications, people are not passionate enough (that’s new then)! Where to […]

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