Reflection in your eyes

I saw myself in your eyes, it is different than before. I bet it had to do with something called marriage. My reflection in your eyes before me with you, less focused, less understanding, less calm. It had to do with everything that cannot be done. Everything that was a possibility with a condition, every turn was downfall and looking ahead for steep curve of […]

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Easier said than done, create your own story

Your story may not have such a happy beginning but that does not make you who you are, it is the rest of it- who you choose to be – kunfu panda 2. When do I realise that the beginning is over and the choice to become starts? Do we get a sign ? A mail, message, what’s app ? How do I come to […]

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Why following is more important to be in business ?

Was hearing the pod cast, talking music on Saavn of Shaan (one of my favourite singers in Hindi music). The interesting things to hear was, you are as big as your social media is – Shaan. Also something like I dont want to go and ask for work, cause it shouldn’t be Shaan is coming now and asking for work. However the fact remains yes […]

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Why advertise? Why promote? And why not!

Briefly to put forward to advertise is to¬†describe or draw attention to a product. To promote is to support or actively encourage; further the progress of the product. And why not because though similar advertise and promote have a different function all together. The difference to simply be put, as why to use a product and what product to use. Why; would explain and create […]

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Oz the great and powerful

I would suggest to replace the Oz with ‘I am’ and re – read the heading! Does it make you feel any better? I thought so; we are ready to read on now. We all need that one kick in life which gives a high, addictions give a high, people inspire their peer people; that is a high, nature motivates, that gives a high, but […]

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