Paralyzed Love

I am grovelling crawling on the ground. My ribs are broken for sure, I cannot breathe; it is difficult to breathe…it hurts. Blood oozing out I did not bother to figure out from which stomata or how many? Honestly I could not dare to nor was I in a position too.  My throat is dry I turned to my back; my throat is abysmally pricking me. The tar road is rough and small pebbles feel like a bed of arrow, all pointing to me. I still believe I will survive or was I just too optimistic to think about her. My sight is getting dizzy. I will survive …..I wi……ll…….sur..

The pain has relaxed, in the flash of seconds I see my whole life reeling out in front of me. I had heard that when you are about to depart. Your whole life would pass through your eyes, make it worth watching! I could see and then …..the pain is evaporating and murk smile brightens up my face.  I see her Leela, the feel of her first touch on my hands. The aroma of her body; which the air diffused as she walked by. The beautiful sculpt made of something gentler than silk and austere as the snow falling from the paradise. It could be only the possessor of the heaven above to create a creation like her.

We were walking down the lane, our hands curled up with each other. An evening walk under the moonlight; with shining stars and counting unending wishes; wishes of being together till eternity! Plans, plans of starting a family, having kids, naming them and fighting over them. The time flew faster than supersonic aeroplanes and travelled faster than light. The biggest enemy was the ticking clock, who barricaded my love, my memories and my time with Leela to a mere twenty four hours. Aye I love her, ay she does too.

The whole life was in front of our eyes. It looked just perfect or actually super perfect. Flawless, spotless just like her unadorned face. All the dreams were just off to turn into reality. It was luck, blessings or whatever you call; but we are to be one and forever soon. I stopped walking, moved to face to her, bend down, take out the rose from my pocket; we shall be together fore…..

A minitruck treads on me. Before I could realise, I was on the tar road. I reach out for words, the rose still in front of my eyes on the same road. She takes tiny steps towards my organic structure left. The rose still fallen nearby, she picks up the rose and starts walking away from me.

Huh! I thought she loved me. I recollected it was only me who held the hand tight, counted the unnumbered falling stars as wishes. It was only me who made plans and contradicted with names and settled with myself. It was me who had the time irrespective of the hour. It was only me who had chalked out the plan for the perfect wedded life.

I waited for her to turn, but all she did was to turn round the corner to leave me struggling, strangling with myself and my thoughts. Of All the lies she said till now, ‘I love you’ was the one I believed in the most from her. Contorted in physical pain and mental strains; thinking, planning, wanting her, eagerness to meet, all the wishes, all the desires I shared with her. It felt Love of that I am sure. I guess I was the only one in Love.

Buzz….buzzz……buzzzz…. I get up with upheaval jerk in my bed. I was breathing, I am fine. A message blinked in my inbox. It said “it is all over, Leela”



13 responses to “Paralyzed Love”

  1. chirag joshi says:

    nice post
    loved the way you ended it
    Your whole life would pass through your eyes, make it worth watching! I could see and then …..the pain is evaporating and murk smile brightens up my face. I see her Leela, the feel of her first touch on my hands

  2. latha says:

    Different post. Expressed your feeling. Nice

  3. So beautifully written .. Glad to have stumbled upon your blog !!

  4. pranita says:

    Nice read…. Details beautifully explained!

  5. Beautifully written. This is a nice blog you have put up.

  6. JKHoNa says:

    Good one Aniket! Wondering if it was a real one or just a collection of words from your thoughts?

  7. John says:

    Nice post… As Leela’s message ends the story, I couldn’t help but ponder over the hints of sadness, hope and immense love that you sprinkled through the story.\

    Keep writing 🙂

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