Not again, seriously!!!

Temperature reduction is to be blamed for waking me up really, right in the morning; though catching someZ’s, I was sure that the heaters been working on full blast. Alright then what is it? When I looked at the time on watch, oh ok it wasn’t morning. Gosh, this isn’t cool, it is so very cold and I really wana give some rest to my heavy head. Slid the curtain a bit and practically I was in my senses and awake all together. It snowed and it snowed heavy the whole night. It is not that usual to snow heavily in London. Time to move out, Regent’s park central London, a place to be, be it summers or be it winters.

I had company and that was me! It is sight that mesmerises you. Acres and acres of land, that is white and by the time you sulk in the feeling, all you feel is cold. I moved out and it was chilled. Nay to say the wind passing though my temples were not only passing through; but blowing my brains off.

I walked and thought probably I was the only one to be moving out. Tubes weren’t running, roads were blocked and aeroplanes unable to take off or land. I was so wrong. It was noon but just felt like early morn. Hands frozen, nose blocked and red I am sure. I tried to click and my camera is cold, so it takes its own sweet time before it got ready to click. The click just would not happen, had to take out my gloves to click and trust me it was a very cold idea. Everything covered with austere white particles from paradise.

The walk was amazing, as I move ahead I found people, playing and enjoying the snow. People were innovative with the snow. Like this guy Alex, I could not understand what he was trying; but dragging and making a big wheel of snow. I am sure this is not going to be the snowman.

A bit further ahead, you know no matter how cold it is, but dogs need their walks. It was fun to see them playing in the snow.

It is snowing, so there got to be the snowman around

I really could not figure it out, but this girl was a tough one. She stood and asked people to hit her with snowballs and trust me it hurts.

Climbed a mound to have a complete view and my eyes could not swig in. This is the small little mound I could find, the view you looking at is football fields and all covered with snow. My phone rang, I could not even talk, I just said listen I need to call you back some time later, dropped the phone cause it was cold and my hands were frozen and it was a beautiful view.

Walking on the snow is so much fun at the same time tiring as well. It has been two hours me walking around the park and while leaving I chose a longer route and trust me it was worth it. The canal was almost frozen, the red boat well that’s a Chinese restaurant.

Well that day I could understand one thing, you can crib about a situation and stay back in your cave or you could move and share the view. Its two sides to the same coin, there were people who were not happy at all about the extra snow and the problems that it created. Global warming happening around (hello it is snowing, just for laughs) I don’t deny it but then there is aesthetic beauty which one needs to see. “The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and now I could understand it exactly what it means.


14 responses to “Not again, seriously!!!”

  1. maliny says:

    to be able to explore the roads when its snowing has been a long cherished dream . . still to get practical though . . wonderful account 🙂 and yes you are right . . sometimes you need to go out there and kick it to know how much enticing the experience can become . .

  2. Jen says:

    I’ve witnessed rain,sunshine,hailstorms,thunder.Now I want to witness a snow.It must be feeling so cozy right ..obviously sitting next to a fireplace in such a cold weather!! 🙂

  3. i still remember the days when i was in Germany and experienced my first snowfall…truly amazing!!!

    very well written indeed!

  4. Arnab says:

    It is an amazing experience to wake up one fine morning and see the green around your house getting converted into white overnight. Nice refreshing account of your snowy experience..

  5. keerthana says:

    Wow!..Nicely written, loved all the pics, especially the snow wheel one..seems like that guy was having a good time 🙂

  6. Visha says:

    I so badly wanna see snow all around me…am jealous of you 😛

    Nice clicks 🙂

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