Love Deprived

Chapter VI

This is me now, too busy and worked up life. If there was time to breath I would say yes I had some time for myself today. Friends have changed to colleagues and colleagues to acquaintances. The number on facebook friends list is crossing bounds and leaps and distance from my friends is further distant. There is something in all this ‘just perfect life’ that I am missing. There is amiss, frankly I don’t know what is the amiss? Seriously; to subside these amazing around-the-clock thoughts running through my head. I have done or got into a million things I am more focused to my hobby; to my work to everything else. There is amiss, I know my friends with whom I am hardly get to meet and take out time for and vice-versa (c’mon everything is not to be blamed solely to me now!)  Have honest suggestions of getting a girl in my life again. AGAIN!! I am sure they have lost it. I think I already have too much to handle a relationship would be killing me.

There are times when we all set to loosen up and relax, but then the social obligations find a way to keep me tip toed. Still I do remember Leela, something that has been a part of me as always. Sheetal had helped to break in the ice. After which I did a pretty cool job and made my own world with Leela. But this time I was off to try something real crazy and I mean it real crazy. Prithvi so called the ‘attitude’ guy; had actually never proposed a girl!!! Yes that is true; though I had girlfriends before; but propose OMG scary stuff. Well there is always a first time and so was mine. Guitar, friends and me on the college stairs, played the most romantic song of the decade; from the movie DDLJ (diwale dhulaniya le jayenge). Sang to her in the eye, there is whole process of sublimation happening of hearts, air filled with her fragrance and then I held her hand; came real close and asked her to bunk the college!!!

What a turn off, exactly now I see Oh Gosh! Could have been a million things more but me, forget the college. Leela still sweet as she could be agreed. Now what’s the plan? Filled in bunch of friends that we all were together. Reached the lake (I don’t know understand what is with water bodies and love confessions; well blame it to bollywood movies then) that is the best I could have thought of then. Stood on the parapet, everybody still around. I make the call and ask her…..this was all at least in front of bunch of 17 friends of ours and bunch what are these kids’ upto types’ people. The pressure was building up and my legs ached now. She said YES!!!

Suddenly it was such a relief, later I realised it was much of relief than happiness, cause I could finally stand straight! Well that is actually how our ‘relationship’ was more of relief than anything else; when it ended. Days passed by and we were closer, in love, ‘do not disturb’ people. Never realised how coming of one person had distanced me from several others. Everything was just together. Every good thing comes to an end and so were my happy days where hit by eclipse.

Everybody has a past and did Leela. It did not bother me because, whatever it is; it is past. If everything is long forgotten I don’t have a reason to complain until… it was Veer! Leela was with Veer almost years back and though nothing was on but they were in contact (I came to know about that later much much later) I was running late and just reached the college, parked and walking towards the lobby….Veer was in front of Leela and Leela and Veer and ….they hugged each other and Leela had moist eyes and I was shocked. The words really did not come out and after looking at me the expression of Leela…..

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