Dirty Picture Review Revived!!!

“…Filmein sirf 3 cheezo ki wajah se chalti hai…..entertainment; entertainment; entertainment….” Directed by Milan Luthria, produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, the movie is ‘The Dirty Picture’. The movie is based on a south Indian actress Late Silk Smitha, story written by Rajat Arora; who also happens to be the lyricist for all the four tracks of the movie. The star cast much hyped about is none other than Vidya Balan as Silk, The veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah as Suryakant, finally with some dialogs in a movie Tusshar Kapoor as Ramakant, after a long time seen in a role Anju Mahendru as Naila, The chocolate hero who is sadly trying to do more holistic roles Emraan Hashmi as Abraham and not to forget Rajesh Sharma as Selvaganesh.

The whole movie and it is not a hole movie, to be precise. The whole movie is about an actress; who makes it large and her presence felt at the silver screen. The methods used initially were ethically; morally correct, landing her with nothing more than sugar, to live on to; which eventually runs out as well. The opportunity knocks on the door; and as there are no free lunches on this earth, especially in the film industry as shown. The methods / strategy needed to be changed. This whole transition happening in the first half of the movie from Reshma (Vidya Balan) to Silk was beautifully carved out.

The latter half of the movie; nay to simply say Ekta Kapoor has not limited herself to production of the movie; but also intervened and poked with the movie and its flow to the core. The second half has been dragged a bit; but luckily not too far, that you have to move out of the seats. The dialogs are a sure shot treat and require all your ears and attention.

Now the final touch; the first half of the movies had this quick transition happening from Reshma to Silk. In the process the exact gravity of the subtle issues brought to surface; could not be explored completely. This is more of a practical movie than anything less. No extravagant sets and show sha! On the other hand the whole movie was shot at Mumbai and Hyderabad which gave it a more realistic view to the whole movie. The songs are apt for the movie and considering the need required; expect ‘Ishq Sufiana’ which actually hampered the flow of the movie. To add to this Niharika Khan, the costume designer could not move away from the theme of the movie; and limit herself with this particular song. Resulting in a disastrous dressing of Silk in the song and overdo the makeup. In totality the movie costumes have reached the benchmark.

The choreography done by Pony Verma was up to the mark and justified. The singers were actually handpicked and thought before, each song was sung; which was some real good use of brain. Bappi Da and Shreya Ghoshal’s pitch highs and lows matched perfectly for the song ‘Ooh La La’.

Naseeruddin shah has proved time and time again and no differently even in this movie; that he can carry any character with at most perfection. The delivery of the dialogs and their apt promptness should be credited definitely to the writer but more importantly to Naseerudin Shah who has added the right tempo. “….public saman dekhti hai dukaan nahi…..” and “….waise bhi jab sharrafat ke kapde utarte hai …. sabse jyada maja shareefo ko hi aata hai…” He has carried that lust, supremacy and infidelity to the fullest extent with the most apt expressions as to the character of Suryakant.

Vidya Balan has made a new benchmark compared to her previous performances. Superbly carried the role vicious, witch and the innocent Reshma along with the meshed cluster of all these together were beautifully played. Tusshar Kapoor got a kissing scene because of the producer if I had to say, but still suited the character a guy who is in two minds either to backstab or to love a female. The confusion and greed with practicality was balanced.

Emraan Hasmi still has a long way to go; as the character was opposite to the patented playboy roles; which still needed to be justified much much more.  Anju Mahendru with her typical dialect and character was commendable. The movie is worth a watch with a detached eye for the wrapper and attached eye to subtle substance inside filled with emotions and eruption of circumstances and consequences. Which could have been given further gravity though? All in all ‘Filmein sirf 3 cheezo se chalti hai ….entertainment; entertainment; entertainment…”

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