The first time I saw….

Chapter IV

Happiness is a feeling, but people at large that endlessly keeps saying it, that they are happy all the time; is a myth! Sadly we all know that ‘life is a bitch’; but hypocrisy has taken an edge over; honest, genuine feelings. Search for a happy blogs on the internet and the results may show up like ‘does your soul have a home?’ yeah right sure; thanks that is all I wanted to read in the name of “happy blogs” hypocrites. People would also sell pain in the name of happiness to please their soul. The whole world is full of them or at least not full is perpetually increasing. The only reason why people feel happy is when they see others sad; sadist is the word and sadist are people these days; that is all that is left with the whole god damn world around.

My nonstop; nonsense; non-productive; non interrupted speech was making sense to a bunch of idlers like me. College life rocks! I said to myself. They giving me all ears; I feel like a politician. Famous, resourceful and with quick fixes to the diminutive problems of the world; which surely were not diminutive problems for them. Wow this is some ‘guru gyaan’ people are listening to! The flow of immature wisdom was free flowing. First time college goers always have fancy ideas of being in college; I was no different to be a part and parcel of everything happening around the college.  Irrespective of the need!

My genuinely reasonable, sensitive talks; with a punch of slang was just aw! To make so called acquaintances which were by default called ‘friends’ to add to this Mr. Fresher and Party-Animal were just the titles I had earned in the college after entering. Track record for studies was decent and no complaints to the teaching staff or from teaching staff made me ‘the cool guy’. All this bolted happenings were simply going on and on and on with no stopping. The ‘guru gyaan’ was on; and my eyes saw her!  My zillion nerves to the brain, sent multiple volts of shock one after the other. Mumbling started, the noise suddenly turned silent. People walking all over the place suddenly were invisible.

OMG the cupid tore open my heart and from the ‘la-la land’ I fell into the ‘Wonderland’. I love you! What? Was the outcry listening to my sense less talks! One brilliant girl caught my eyes and said “Leela, 2nd year bachelor of arts, section A; single; last boyfriend 3 years back. You gonna get yourself hurt even if you think of getting any further close to her then your thoughts” I turned back and asked ‘and who are you?’ Oblivious to the crowd around me, asking such a direct rude question to her! I had lost my brains. Sheetal was the curt reply we have been meeting a number of times in the past few weeks. I am kind off good friends with her; she is my batch mate; with an attitude as if she knew secret behind the Bermuda triangle.

“Sheetal obviously I remember you it is just that; you know!@#!”. I was sounded a number of times before by my friends; that she has a rock solid crush on me; which usual I had to say ‘ignore’. As she was Leela’s friend so now; obviously my best pal too. I said Sheetal you are going to help me on this right? Slowly is said please…… the answer was yes. To top it up she was like let’s meet right away. I started shaking my head in the all the possible directions my neck could move; Sheetal started to walk towards her, I stood like a pole. She turned around and I started to walk, jog, and run towards her.

I finally saw her; Leela she was right next to me and me watching her closely. Sheetal introduced but me struck by lightning I was looking at her; as if Sir Isaac Newton was looking at the apple tree before discovering gravity! Words didn’t come out and after few seconds; which were like ages to me. She walked away, I started breathing again I guess, the sweet trail of her fragrance reached my head and Leela is all I could re collect.

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  1. Sapna says:

    Congrats on this website…you are doing great ..keep it going. Bless you.

  2. -- says:

    Leela ..beautiful name , reality or fiction …The central protagonist in all your writings seems to be a demure,beautiful lady with charm to kill.

  3. Aniket Jha says:

    She is actually beautiful and with all the charms a man could fall for, the fiction start with love deprived I guess if you would read it from the start you would get to know more of Leela and Prithvi

  4. Jamie Maria says:

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  5. -- says:

    hi , can you pls tell me where you built this website from ? as in i know one site that offers , but im not sure about them .

  6. Aniket Jha says:

    I have bought the domain and I have no idea about what exactly you wana know?

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