Life in 30s

So I belong to a world which have been in the midst of No Television, No Mobile Phones, No Internet, No social media to LED TV’s to smart phones, to internet. It is interesting time to be in, you know you can live without it and you know that you are dependent on it as well. Life in 30’s feels like the perfect definition of oxymoron.

What more interests at this age are two extremes of life balance, one who is committed to the life which is more of towards kids, work and school issues and the other end which just things screw the world, lets just walk over. Now obviously I did not invent this but bifurcation of people can be done in 2 categories

1) Goal oriented their life’s purpose is the goal they have set and

2) Holistic life which has everything into in some quantity like the some wealth, some family, some name etc…

Now which way to jump? There is never late to start again, but it always makes sense to start a step ahead from where you had started before.

If you say you have seen it all, oh man you are so wrong it is Kalyug, the only thing that pains less is the new pain. Claiming that the new pain is the much more painful than the previous. It is just that something has taken your priority than something else, was it dealt with? Generally it is not and let to rot in an archive of experiences, building up your conscious and 3D printing it on sub conscious.

So the question is what kind of pain is worth it? Well are you goal oriented or holistic? Let me share about holistic cause goal oriented if you are it just does not matter, you got a goal to achieve right, whatever it takes. Holistic life is the tricky one.

Holistic you have to juggle between many things, it is like one hell of a job is it worth? Well you choose it right. It is amusing that after so much of human cry about technology the biggest driving force is still love. Let me give you an example how many times you need a call, but the battery is not there would you really care if you the people you love are with you?

Lets say the wifi is not working so it is the movie that you were planning to watch is more of a problem or the movie that you wanted to watch together?

Lets say the cars broke down is it you really worried about the car or loved ones with you and how they would reach?

Lets say about money, yes we all have goals but is it just for you or everyone you love around you as well?

I am an interesting mix of the western values and the eastern, there are numerous things I have learnt which I owe to the west like commitment, punctuality, courtesy and love also at the same time I owe to the east humbleness, togetherness, priorities, trust, being more human. To my surprise the problems all across the globe are very much similar, it is like if you travel about the globe everybody is seeking that one thing which works pretty much post expiry that is love.

So lately I was asked Aniket toxic or no relationship? I said no relationship my friend actually travelled across cities to see me and understand what did I mean? I was amused to know that deep down it means so much more to people than actually they showcase or share. This my dear friend is the holistic life! The life we choose which is more psychological than logical, human species is psychological cause we are not computers we work on emotions, love, trust.

I was talking to my friend and she was like Aniket I cannot be repenting after 20 years. I was like hello lady have you seen 20 years ahead of you and if your priorities right now are going to be the same in 20 years, hello there is something wrong. Were you priorities the same when you teens or when you were in your 20’s and when you are in 30’s, 40’s and 50’s it is not. But the question is it worth it?

How would you know? Well you don’t, period, there is no way to measure it, but if there is enough love, trust and respect for yourself and the person, people it is worth it.

What happens if the decision is wrong? I dont remember buying or trusting anything from any sales person / company / person who was not sure about it.

Think about it this car would drive for next 200 miles once loaded with enough fuel, or it should travel for next 200 miles you can try it though! Same thing but would you drive it. This plane will take you to 35k feet high or this plane might go upto 35k feet high?

Life is about chances and the chances you believe you should be taking. Will all of it work to be fine, not really but what if they work out to be great or the best thing to live for.

Life is about what you make of it, it is not what went wrong, it also about what you made it right though you have your fair share of goof-ups but life is also that you can make out of it, upto you!


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