Reflection in your eyes

I saw myself in your eyes, it is different than before. I bet it had to do with something called marriage.

My reflection in your eyes before me with you, less focused, less understanding, less calm. It had to do with everything that cannot be done. Everything that was a possibility with a condition, every turn was downfall and looking ahead for steep curve of impossibilities, to top that up every hurdle a dead end. Negativity found its way to spread the rumour and positivity came in rains of the desert.

Everything I was doing was right, however reaching nowhere, the more I ran faster to reach, more away looked the destination from me. I stopped to breath and so did the destination as to tease, that I am right in front of you, however you are far far away. All this running through my head, until…

My reflection in your eyes post me with you, oh problems they are the part and parcel of life. Destination, that is something you worry about when the time stops ticking for you. Holidays that is for fun being with yourself and not reaching somewhere, it is here and now, that specially includes doing nothing. Running for peace is joke, you exist and so does the peace with you. Times change and few people don’t, don’t bother about it anyway. Everybody is a hero in their own story you be in yours.

However I wanted to be a hero in your story, remember the creep called self doubt haunting every human on this living earth. That creep was after me as well, happy realisation that I am human too. Well the creep was going away, and I am the hero in your story too because I am in your story.

My reflection before being with you, all walks included talks, a plan, a task, a goal it was probably never about the health, accomplish something wherein at the end I was more or less by myself.

My reflection after being with you, walks is talks about anything and everything under the sun, under the moon, monkeys on the trees, birds signing and weather lazy enough to go back to sleep.

There is a simple word ok, and somehow it just was ok to be what you are, where you are and immense possibilities of where I could be. All this just by being with you.

My reflection in you, was actually me looking up at myself and I was kind of amazed of what all I have been missing in life. Everything is not always great, more importantly you will have those days wherein it is just ok to be and let things settle down, also those days where everything comes all at the same time. The biggest learning I have had in my reflections is that it is alright to fail, to let it go, be judged and forgive yourself, other can take care of themselves.

My reflection now tells me there is never a good time for something to go wrong, but it will, so will that time pass.

My reflection now tells me there is always a good time for something to end, it will and dont take it to your heart, because there is something more awaiting you.

My reflection now tells me, pain and hurt are two different things, pain heals hurt takes some time, but carrying it more is carrying the bondages of rocks, on a steep road, lose them so that you can gain in life.

My reflection also tells me, love heals all wounds, find the love and let love take the place of all that you wish to get rid of.

Love you to moon, mars, jupiter, venus, milky way and back and still more


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