Why connect is more important

It is a virtual world around us, no matter how much we crib either sides, in all honesty either of the extremes are not workable today. We cannot off tech completely cause then we are cut off from lot of ease on the other hand too much of tech is aloof of lot of people which again has more personality issues coming forward.

Where do we balance ? What do we balance ? Why do we balance ?

Last come first out, why do we balance ? There is still a life which is not virtual and until you plan to live a life similar to one in Wall – E, I actually suggest it is better to connect with friends without selfies, without worrying too much about where the phone is. More importantly having a real time conversations by looking at each other rather than face time only.

What do we balance ? Extended hours at work, rush hour traffic is saddening, better pay packs is conversely proportional to personal life time ? Lets put it another way face to face conversation than just on the phone conversations is not an ideal solution to stay connected. A tight hug, a warm hand shake, a smile after you meet, jokes on the spur of the moment, a walk with a deep conversation, sharing meal on the same table. These are things no matter what no virtual world would be able to replace to enjoy these you have to be connected to world.

On the other hand a visit to hospital, discuss your life lows, share the pain brought in by the loss of a family member, visit by your family or friends when you are alone. This all would happen when you are with people cause again tech is not going to compensate in life. What do we balance, balance between connectivity and real life conversations.

Still today people believe what you say, make sure you are communicating your best when you do, cause speaking is still just 30% of conversation there is still 70% of the conversation is lost out without you being there. Writing and sharing you feelings or talks is all the most worse, cause nobody knows the tone in which is going to reach the other person you are trying to communicate too.

I know all of this, now how or rather where do I do it? Make sure you are spending atleast 30 mins for yourself what you like to do, be it sleeping that extra 30 mins, watching the birds singing, reading a book anything that you love to do or helps you to grow. Does sleeping extra 30 minutes helps, I don’t know it is upto you for me reading a book like I really look forward to or do a course for something to learn new. Something new thrills me. You need another 30 minutes for exercising be it yoga, walk, gym, cycling, swimming, or anything just make sure that there is something you are doing. I randomly do pick up one or the other activity but surely do it.

Procrastination is a disease just like any other disease you may think of. It is like making your life to live in urgency cause when you had the time and advantage to do it comfortably you avoided it, so that you are compelled to do. A sense of urgency will have higher burn outs for you and increases the chances of losing your creditability for commitments.

Conclusively dont take things too seriously, have time for self, other, work and tech it is 4th dimension of we multi dimensional beings.

Stay Awesome

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