Why following is more important to be in business ?

Was hearing the pod cast, talking music on Saavn of Shaan (one of my favourite singers in Hindi music). The interesting things to hear was, you are as big as your social media is – Shaan. Also something like I dont want to go and ask for work, cause it shouldn’t be Shaan is coming now and asking for work. However the fact remains yes Shaan is doing hardly any songs these days and not because he not doing great singing, but because he is not trending ?

I have been to Shaan’s live performance had a brief interaction if to say and surely a very humble star to say the least. However the fact that if you are being hit multiple times by the same thing, you tend to start liking that. One of the biggest example’s that was put forward was the election of Donald Trump, wherein the coverage by the news were many, many times more than the other candidates. Few did blame of the repeated coverage for the win. But, is trending and coverage only the basis of being in business or in the forefront?

I, personally have some mixed feelings and a bit complicated answer but yes, it is true that more people know you, the more easier it is for you to keep your word forward, also to know you and get recognised, getting recognised is what the whole social being is all about, isn’t it? What happens is getting recognition or rather appreciation, is one of the basic emotion of the human race. Acceptance in the society, at work, at home etc. But if people don’t know you would you be accepted? Well if people don’t know you it will not affect as much outside but inside you!

What if you do not have that budgets and interaction need to be on the top of it? I would say trending lasts for a few days, hours but it has its own limitations and boundaries, however to trend or not to trend, you do you have to exist? Now that is where the wheel starts to spin. It is important to exist to showcase the presence. Why it is so important? Briefly, because it is the easiest way to find you. Over the decades we are looking at more productivity with less effort (lazy, I tried to put in the subtle way though). Now connectivity is so much more and reach so diminishing, that to know about a person, a product or a deal you hunt the easy way the internet. And when you are not there, where the customer is searching…hmm we have a problem here then.

Also persistent efforts is what accounts in the larger perspective, trending a day is like people remember a day but forget the next cause something else is, the crux is trend with substance. When you get to the tiny miny limelight and people start talking about you, you have to provide what is there much more than just one aspect of yours, to keep people going to talk about you more? That is substance, content and magic which is required.

Like it or not things are taking shape the way highlighted above, we can be a part of it or complain, but to have a conversation you have to be the part of that conversation itself, there is no throwing stones when you are only surrounded by sand in the desert.

Feel free to write to me and how we can make achieve much more!

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