Why advertise? Why promote? And why not!

Briefly to put forward to advertise is to describe or draw attention to a product. To promote is to support or actively encourage; further the progress of the product. And why not because though similar advertise and promote have a different function all together.

The difference to simply be put, as why to use a product and what product to use. Why; would explain and create a need for the product to be used, whereas what product to be used is more of, directing the customer to use a particular product. How does it all make a difference and which applies where?

If it is a new product you advertise, if it is an existing product you promote. If it is a new feature / advancement in the product you advertise, if the product is known for its features you promote. You set the price high and discount high to grab the attention i.e. advertisement, You sell by sampling the products directly to the customers, creating a need for the suppliers this is promotion.

Why is all of this so important? The customer demands and customer expectations are 10x as compared to the same customer a decade ago. Today the customer has access to information, well informed, well read, the options have increased in terms of numbers, price perception has reached an all new level. The number of buyers have overall increased, the ease at which a product is available to buy has changed, using cards instead of cash has affected the tendency from need based purchasing to ease based purchasing.  This has lead to a phenomenon called Customer experience which matters more than the product.

To showcase the product at the right time or to showcase the product at all times? There is no particular season to sell as such; however the seasonal selling is season deals irrespective of the product. As the customer wants to feel special by purchasing a product at a cheaper price whose perceived value is higher calling it a great deal. Each customer has got to feel the price paid is less than the worth of the product or worth the price as bare minimum and this is possible only through advertising and promoting the product right.

The younger the target audience the more important it is to make sure your comments / reviews are well answered and communicated as clearly as possible. The kind of advertising / promotion depends upon the type of clientele being dealt for example business 2 business / business 2 customer, product 2 product and region 2 region. These basic quadrants helps to determine the need, requisite, scope and type of marketing to put forward. Don’t waste your advertisements when your niche is the same, make personal visit more regular. Don’t work on personal visits when you deal in a product sold in masses. Don’t discount unnecessarily when you only sell to classes.

Choose multiple channels to increase recall of the product, enhance fast but learn faster with every event, promotion, advertisements. Good promotions gets in numbers and bad promotions get in lessons. If necessary damage the product but dont damage the brand (for the next time wherein we talk about the brand and the product)

Choose to inform the clientele with a no, when the you know it looks bad, it sounds bad and it tastes bad. Confess if any short comings or mistakes it is better to say we can try it better the next time rather than saying we did all we could but the magic did not work. And importantly enjoy what you are doing, if you will so will the world.

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