Wife charges me found guilty

A few days back my wife told me; that I have been not writing for her / to her lately. The charges on me were that I used to write for her much more before, letters, emails – blogs. To the charges my wife has accused me of, I plead guilty. However I would also wish to put forward my case and share a prospective to put in front of you. I would verify and confirm, to the best of my knowledge and ability that I love you more with each passing day, month and year, since the day we have met.

I used to write more because I was around you less, now I am around you, more and so I communicate more. Making sure that we spend the best quality together. May; may not be speaking paragraphs, wherein which could amount to books, but communicating in our own profound ways wherein it seems almost like meditating around you. If love matures? I don’t know, but I can assure you that I have grown as a man in the institution called marriage with you.

Things are taken for granted are the things of the past, now more so I understand what it takes to keep going. My strength in found in you, reasons and motivation have a meaning and goal to achieve, respectively. Have I become more monotonous, might be ? Not to sure, do I or can I still take risks? Yes, I do all the more because now the success is shared and sorrows are less, at least it feels less as I know I hcan deal with much more bigger issues. (pun intended)

Whats app are still alien to me, but looking at you and saying I love you, still make the butterflies fly in my stomach, it is more of an expression put forward, majorly it is the extra calories in my stomach going up and down. At times I wish you were not such a good cook! Would have been easier for me to control my diet. There are changes you may not have realised, but I try to be around you more and more just because it is awesome, while you are busy playing Fruit Ninja and browse through all the available social media on the earth. The major change is I have started to give you my ear not just to hear but to understand.

Feeling of being responsible is great and it has come from you, assuring you at best that I was not irresponsible before, but you know wherein a man starts becoming more comfortable in his own skin that is like a super good feeling. Post marriage a lot of people start to look upto you in a different fashion as if I have earned the knighthood, huh I feel, I have become actually more mischievous in the most innocent way I can put this forward. There are situations you get me out which I totally want to avoid and I love you more for that, also I have realised you get me into situations very subtly which you know I would have wished to avoid. But so for being married!

The decisions are not mine alone and majority is not yours as well, but we take it informing each other which is more important than the decision taken, cause none of the things are sure shot until done and the outcome is served to you. I plan to be a bit more troublesome to you, somehow it seems that you are ok to take a few tantrums from me at times. Love you and together we are.

Happy Marriage to you!

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