Root Evil on the Road

The stress levels while driving are on the rise. Road rage is real and incidentally to the extent; causing, one to let go ones life! There are no clear statistics because everything is settled on the road either ways. There has been independent survey’s in 2016 and close to 60% of the people driving said they had to face the road rage, either for following or not following the traffic rules; we do not know, it is just stories cause the case is settled by the muscle than the mistake.

Welcome to driving in narrow roads, open man holes gulping you wholly inside, ploughed sidewalks, meeting point for stray animals, racers paradise and novice negligent new comers on the road and in the middle of this you are driving. Traffic jams are part of the life and honking, honking because there is nothing else to do – knowing the fact every other vehicle ahead is heading in the same direction, wanting to end the bumpy ride as soon as possible! However would honk notoriously and continuously and make no mistake there is no reason / hurry to reach due which they are after your life.

Is there a reason for people to drive right in the middle of the road, yes and no. Yes because the road better and the other lanes has more of pot holes. And no because so engrossed in day dreaming, talking on the phone, talking to somebody with them, blah blah and blah that they cannot see where they are driving and cannot hear the restrictive use of horns. Ignorance is bliss and they are blessed. And if you honk continuously for your grace to move aside from the centre of the road, the look in return is – as if, only if would had a chance would make my running pulse to flat pulse. For no fault of mine.

Kids are driving and I am sure they are not even close to the age of getting a learning license, reckless does not even begin to define, but over-speeding and over enthusiastically breaking traffic rules is surely a mess. Acts of randomness, in the highly unpredictable world causing to come right in front of the car, torturously stressful and here being right or wrong has less to do. But either having the mobile phone with more contacts or who has hurt themselves more are the ones who are not wrong / reckless drivers, the other party is! Save me the logic.

Does it affect me? Yes, should I be bothered? Yes, do I have a choice? Decide for yourself. There is whole cycle of blame game to start, right from fellow drivers, to gorgeous looking people, to stray animals on the road, to bad road conditions everything expect for the fact, that you were not paying attention while driving. There are forum telling how to keep calm while driving. Are you seriously kidding me? Why not to learn people to drive well.

Extreme steps are not possible and the infrastructure is still gonna take some time to pick to speed, at the rate at which the vehicles are sold in India, difficult. Do share what are your views, do we fight or do we fight to resist the inclination to fight. Road rage is bad and ambulance stuck in traffic is worse. Wish to get mutual respect from pillion riders on the road. Live and let others live.

Safe driving


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