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It has been a crazy time lately, the visits to the hospitals because of my modern lifestyle challenges to give me a slip disc, doctors opinion which really does not change much expect for the fact that scares the heck out of you and the other scares a bit more! Nothing against the medical industry but truly it has become an industry. In the wait for consultation I did see some horrific incidents / not so cool ethics and priority of need over priority of payment etc. don’t worry I am not here to describe and share in depth detail of the haunting views and deep sobs. Health and healthy lifestyle is utmost important the earlier you realise the better it is.

Wherein we are work like crazy and party like hell, the fact is we land up only working like crazy and party becomes more of I don’t know what else to do with my life? Because my work does not allow me to have any particular disciplined activity. Trying to delve the surreal within, or forget it will do it when it is later. Years fly by and situations are never great; they just help you to become more one with yourself that you will / can handle better. In totality it is always could have been better situation. Think about it while school going kid it was exams, college it was degree and masters it was job, however every-time you overcome the last you have a new hurdle, new challenge, new benchmark and because you have passed the previous ones you say the new one is more difficult than the previous. In reality it is just another experience we do not know how to tackle with.

People do tag this with maturity and experience however, do I have to reinvent the wheel every time / every life, is there a next life? that topic is sometime later to discuss, but in totality lets learn quickly and move on, cause life is indispensable and more the procrastination more difficult it is to get out of the circle or else keep thinking about the chicken and egg story trying to justify who came first, which for all practical purposes does not matter. Make your universe keeping you, your closed ones in the centre. The problem is we are taking our closed ones for granted and everybody else in the centre, making our universe tremble, acts from astroids hitting and challenging us to build more and more expensive, blood sucking, soul sucking self defence mechanism, which majorly fails due to lack of knowledge of vacuum! Think about it.

Find yourself good company of being with you. Spend time to expand the horizon, develop yourself nothing could take you from you. The new you is gotta be better than the previous and everyday you get that chance. I did not realise but I am getting that chance everyday and due to the inertia of me being old I still skip a few days of updating / upgrading my IQ / EQ / SQ (intelligence quotient / Emotional quotient / Spiritual quotient) dont wait for rains to pour on you. The balance between the three is non negotiable as there is nothing other these three which you can depend upon and you need the three of them just the combination of either or two of them is something that is not prescribed for the dosage called life.

Find your motivation with your health, your surroundings, the people you interact with. Keep crazy targets and keep it yourself cause you have to reach there and everybody else has their own destination and targets, I personally feel we should not demean somebody else’s thought process of reaching a destination and more importantly not get carried away by everyone else’s benchmarks for us. You define yourself, do the best you need to be.

Be Awesome!!

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