Breath in to breath out..

Striking a balance between work and play has always been more of a subjective matter in all possible ways to discuss. Somehow I feel, I am really the last guy to share this with you however as pragmatism strikes the chord, it all starts to make sense as it did to me. There is a obligation towards yourself and you need to balance personal and professional life period! All the successful people have surrounded themselves with people around them and have spent good amount of time with friends and family that is reason for their happy lives. You can know more about the longest study of happiness Click Here. As by default the first human reaction is no, negative, can’t happen, how can this happen etc. but the fact is it is just difficult to accept. How on earth by not spending more long hours in office? Not Working for the next promotion, how can you progress in career?

Which is the ultimate road of success? This thought made me reckon to the ambit that I had to step out, to be the observer than being observed. I had to part company and actually stop thinking which was yet to happen and also what has already happened. I had to figure out a way to live this moment. The best place of break / holiday / relaxation name it anything is to go to a place with very limited and suggestively no mobile connectivity. There are two important realisation’s first the world would function without you just fine. So neither you are so important or irreplaceable,  it is the limiting thought process which you have reached which until crossed; limit you and nobody else. More importantly you are relegating yourself more than anybody else if you are not upgrading yourself, be with new people, mentors, be it your personal time, interaction with your friends. Define a vision, mission plan for yourself. Set unrealistic goals because the ones who made it did not have realistic goals. To reach where you want to be, necessarily be burning desire to reach where you need to be.
 A few suggestions to have most perfect imperfect trip. Perfect because you are now trying to be an observer than the observed and imperfect because let the outcome not be decisive but more of intuitive. We live in psychological world wherein all the logics don’t work. Life is unfair and will have its own set of problems and the only thing that has made you stronger is not by ignoring the issues / concerns but by overcoming them with lessons, trying not to repeat them again. Visit the tourist spots but also travel for the places with more of solace, peaceful and thought provoking need not be a new place but a different location of the same place. This time we travelled, we made sure that we are spending time without the phones ringing, mails triggering and hustle bustle of everything and anything. Rather we concentrated on the freshness of the air, how time has flown and what we can do to make the best moment as of today and now. Spoke out our differences and weaknesses, without being judgemental allowing yourself to flow out with your closed one, helps out to build feelings of trust and repair those unhealed wounds which are caused intentionally or unintentionally. Not holding accountable for the wrong doings of self and of the others. Allowing to sulk in the lessons but not condemning either sides. At times not to understand or exploring the wrong doings of others is more helpful than to figure the root cause. Remember your success is defined by you.  Your happiness is defined by you, Your regrets are also defined by you. Your life is defined by you. Allow yourself to choose wisely for self!


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