From Miss to Mrs.

¬†Getting married like from Miss to Mrs. is all together a new thing for you in life. “Forgot to mention I am Mrs. Aniket Jha and this is my side of the story”. So, we were very same two individuals who were in love with each other but here’s the reality check people, now we are husband and wife which means we have to be there with each other 24*7. Things change for you suddenly you’re supposed to be all this matured, understanding, grown up adults. Instantly there are these responsibilities on you, to handle your spouse to manage his side of the family and your side too… being a girl you have so many mixed feelings happy n sad at the same time when you get married and enter a new home altogether(wasn’t that new for me though cause i’ve been visiting my husband’s house more frequently than even he did because he was staying in another city while our courtship period :D) leaving your mom n dad’s home is difficult, very very difficult in fact. It’s your cocoon which is giving you all the protection, warmth and shelter right from the moment you were born. Basically you are leaving your comfort zone and entering a new world where you are not expected to be the same old childish girl that you were but expected to be a mature woman. Best way to handle this situation is to make yourself comfortable and try to get familiar with your new family, get to know the people around you make friends with them. I know you’re missing your home n all the people you’ve left behind but nothing to worry in today’s era you have technology to your rescue you can always video call and see them and if you have a husband like mine at all if you’re that lucky, you can even go and meet your parents anytime you miss them even like at midnight. And at your in-laws place just feel at home and things would be going great for you.

All the functions and rituals happening around and the wedding itself is like a fairytale it is once you are back to your usual routine you get to understand in so many ways life has changed, for example you can’t sleep till the time you want no breakfasts in bed and no roaming about anywhere and anytime you feel like cause you have to be like, every newlywed indian bahu. (touchwood my sasural’s pretty cool)

The thing that I realised after moving out of my in-laws house is, that staying with your husband and your inlaws is way different than just the two of you staying together; for example when you are with your in-laws almost all of the things in the house are already been taken care of, you are just the new addition in the family. Whereas when we moved to another city it is then I was struck by lightening; now you have become the Woman of the House. You have to see that the maid, kitchen, home and many other zillion small little things are functioning smooth, & above all your husband has to be taken care off. Never before I knew that managing home can be such a full time task. but I’m kind of enjoying my new routine(specially on weekends).

Now that I am married to the love of my life, my mobile’s tariff plan still hasn’t changed just the people to whom I talk has. It was first my husband, now it is everybody else but him; on the call. On the other hand when I call him, either his call is on waiting or he is busy (Can I call you back in 5, is his patent reply). Staying together, spending more time with each other, going off to sleep and waking up besides him everyday is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Interesting thing is setting up the new home together, buying stuff for home, grocery shopping, basically any kind of shopping is more fun now!

Like my husband now feels that his bed has two sides and he thinks that his wife has a side preference but the fun part is, it’s not like that I just sleep on that side of the bed where I feel comfy. In our home I sleep on the right side of the bed and when we are visiting my in laws I take the left side of the bed. Only because thats the way I like it.

Happy Marriage To You!!!

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