Artist, News, Fact, Life, Rush, Today?

Being aware for what? Obviously books are the best friends cause they pass on the emotions / information / knowledge and more than that learning which otherwise would be understated / unheard for / not exposed ideally that used to happen and said! Today we are so much in a hurry that we do not want to spend time on really going through and having information on the finger tips, everything should be crisp, clear and current (Mad rush). The other downside is obviously it is also judgmental majorly one sided and we are moving towards the dark humor that is more in the form of trolls than humor to highlight key issues.

History had a lot weightage to artists one of the major reason was they showcased the things others would fear to tell to the monarchy. Humor / stage plays depicting events which were acting more so the mirror of the actual events happening. Somehow that is what we have carried forward in the form of Movies / TV series / News etc. only until it become who is gonna serve me the most spicy dish than the dish itself!  With 7 billion people we have a lot of views and information to be shared. The question is are we choosing our information or being diverted to form an opinion? Which is crisp and short and leading to a conclusion and it is not your conclusion? Making you feel guilty if your opinion is different than that of others.

Well getting influenced is nothing new, we do get influenced with anybody and anything that defines success to us. Oh, so many likes; on the troll got to be good! If this person is saying who is having 100k followers it got to be serious. Leaders is today’s world are born and died within a fraction. How many of the leaders today are leaving a legacy to be followed upon? Think through in the last 5-6 decades how many leaders we have had whom we are following, or left to follow? It has come to fact that; oh so you in power, lets follow tomorrow you are gone so is your following, lets follow the new guy / gal!

This is more like you know unreal, it is not a legacy it is just there today as if we forced to believe in something which actually does not exists. Moral grounds have become so high that anything and everything is moral issue whereas being morally right or wrong is altogether subjective and lets keep it for some other day, however what is with morality? Everybody is having a take on everything in news; the actual question is what you are doing about it? Well nothing but I joined in some social media campaign to increase awareness ? Are you listening to yourself? Like really?

The idea is we are getting attached to things / issues / people we have no inclination for; and as easily as we are getting attached easily with trolls for the same, because in the first place we do not know why we were tagging ourselves for and with? News is like latest drama series that is in limelight, it is not what the issues are but how loud, clearly defaming, giving a contrasting judgement and how much controvertial it is! Well this itself seems to be the same thing happening right now here? Well yes it is swirl, we are into. What is to achieve here then? Couple of things

Monica Lewinsky see the ted talk she gave, I am not sharing the link, type in yourself in youtube cyber bullying, or defaming a person within no time for? Cause it was spicy news privacy is gone for a ride

Think about before commenting on something if it factual atleast to you?

Sharing the link for the tweet, unlike just trolling it, it has the fact, that it is did not happen, Arvind on travelling in Shatabdi express why sharing the link now? Well if you go on to see the trolls you would be spending a lot of time LOLing I guess!

It is good to have information, but also an old saying garbage in is garbage out think what you really wanna start off your day with? Concerns are only concerns until you are planning to do something about it!

What in the real world ideally news should be like stating the facts! The first thing to solve a problem is to accept that there is a problem!

Motivate yourself you are one in a billion species and atleast one of 7 billion of your own species. You are the change, be the change you seek outside.

Share, like and comment just not for this blog, but also share your happiness, like yourself and comment to commit what you truly believe in!

You are more powerful than you think you are!


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