Why Thali is still expensive than Pizza

It is not price correction, the dropped prices of petrol or diesel or gas, it is more of further fundamental than that! I am always challenged with; it is not that simple and there is a lot of complications and it is not as simple as you put it across etc., however actually it is. Complicated is a term used so that masses dont start thinking likes the asses. Well more of that to come from a commoner but why is thali more expensive than a pizza even though when it costs cheaper?

A pizza would pessimistically cost you Rs. 500, however when you go a decent thali it would costing you Rs. 400 it still feels like expensive. Do you know why? Because it has more to do with perception / price combination than actual ingredients. A pizza is more harmful for the health, tastes the same and has more on sinister side of the calories, an elaborate thali would be more nutritious, surely different dishes and less on sinister side of the calories even though you get three types of sweets with it. So what is it that is making thali still more expensive than the pizza?

We are not thinking however we are directed. Think about it; is dough, cheese, etc gonna cost that much actually no it is more branding, marketing which is accounted for, not to forget the corporate which is surely sucking out the money to a different country which also means loss in currency conversion etc. Is this the reason? No it more that we are being directed to think in a fashion which is so subtle that we are forgetting facts however judging on the basis of google reviews than people experiencing it. Now if the google review says 5 star and you have not been to the competitor shops what would you rate your experience to be more like 5 star right? Why because you have not had a taste of the services from multiple vendors but more on because it was marked with 5 stars already.

Artificial marketing we are all aware of, but now it is insanely common. Corporations are more receptive to social media complaints than complaints. So the next question is are actually enhancing our quality of service or are we bench-marking our quality of the services based on the reviews which can be / are biased depending on their marketing budget to have reviews?

Price correction loudly is a correction to artificial increase in pricing of a commodity, the more hiked commodity is food. The reason for price hike is Petrol, Diesel and gas the last four quarters have seen drop in pricing for the before mentioned however I have not seen one single dime reduced down. On the other hand the taxes have increased now that is good thing accounting for more of white money etc. However the affected are the ones which are working in jobs it is not affecting the people with storage of black money or unaccounted money, is it actually a great idea to tax the taxed, wherein businesses are selling completely on cash without paying taxes?

So now you have contrasting views about corporations making money which is an artificial hike in the first place and local businesses evading tax money by taking in cash. What is the actual price? Where is the real money going? Is pizza still expensive than a thali, think about it. We need to be more aware of our choices not because it is priced but because of what is costs, cause the price is a perception check the artificial branding vs. service quality matrix.

Stay rooted but keep flying high.


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