Work Life BaLaNcE

Too much happening and I guess that is how is how it is suppose to be. In the midst of all the chaos happening around me lately I forgot, I forgot that I do exist, yeah the work is killing and the motivation of calling it a productive day is not commonly shared amongst all. To my surprise in the burn out mode I came across colleagues coming to me and saying that; that is not what they are looking up for! Yeah there is work but there is a life too. I was like I don’t know that much cause when you love what you doing it should not drain you but energise you.

Well the interesting thing is that we are not gonna talk about work, not even about how one should choose your career; counselors are there for that. It is something more importantly I realised that how much and what exactly a support means in life. I screwed up at work, which is a normal thing to happen, however this time I realised that when the things got bad, I was there alone to face the music, the consequences were mine alone. Then I realised it was not all that important as much as I was treating it to be.

There is an interesting conversation and analogy was brought in front of me and I had to think twice, there is a building which is falling and there is a building which is being built. Where you wanna put yourself, obviously with the building being built, right? Exactly burn yourself enough you turn into gold, over heating you might be gold but molten gold is not of any use to person who is going to wear it.

Learning is the best policy, keep learning till the time you are learning things are going to happen in a fashion which is what is going to pay off in long term. Lately being so busy I forgot, to learn, forgot to read, to write exhausted so much that there is a reset mode requested by the body. Then the million dollar question came to be right in the face for what? I was jaw dropping looking for answers and I could not find any. How much your partner, friends your near and dear ones matter. In all of this they were intact, that subtle support was always there, knowing the fact that nothing tangible is the outcome of futile rat race, still allowed me to run the race where I am going to win because I was running alone.

  Something is gonna let make you understand the importance of work and also the importance of life, learning from new experiences, travelling on new roads and taking the risks one should just to be sure, to mark themselves as alive if not safe. I found that someone who has made a mark in my life enough for me to understand a my worth, b what is life. That is the true balance in life, where I am enthusiastic enough to go work but also I am happy to be home. Something I learnt very late in life but in the end it is not the days but the number of happy days that count the most.

Don’t forget you might have many lives but you are truly living only one right now. Keep the past behind, let the worry be in the future but give your best shot today!!!

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