Life the roller coaster I never rode

I took the path less travelled but did not encourage to build the courage to walk on the path less travelled until recently I was left with only two choices, to take it or leave it! We get those caprice moments in life wherein we choose surely to act on our gut feeling as we start walking and people try to fade out, we run for that comfortable known shelter again and again. Forgetting natures fundamental law is strongest would survive! Moving in bunches is always the best known path, but finding your own path is what creates you!

I defined my needs, when I came to know what am I expecting out of my own life, things suddenly looked very differently than the way I used to look at them. I defined the need and the need is to have an awesome life, I defined awesome and now it everything has more purpose to what I am doing and less frustrating. Finally I choose to take the roller coaster ride I was trying to; albeit leaving just before catching up my seat.

It is not about what may happen it is about what will happen but just because I did not try; what all I missed out that could have happened? Either way you do not know but I tell you what it is more fulfilling when you take your chances. Life is all about learning skills and growing ahead, we sadly stop somewhere in the cycle of eat, work, sleep and repeat. Everything was fine but was missing the energy, I joined the gym almost after an decade, nothing serious but some cardio and stuff, you know what one month and I am much more happy doing the same work rather more demanding.

There is one more interesting thing that has happened lately, I am getting away from BS I used react to, surprisingly I have a feeling I am getting less BS in life now. Like seriously instead of replying, reacting to BS I am like I will deal with it later, cause obviously nobody likes to take BS but instead of dealing with then and there I have set up a timeline to be taken care of within 24 hours but surely not the next 3 hours. That is like yeah I know it is terrible but you know it is far more better then explaining and dealing with it now.

The world does not stop because I am there or not there; hard fact but eternal truth, I am small being doing my bit and living my life; that gives me an illusion that I am running the show however I am cannot control my own sneeze when I get cold that is truly a sure shot fact. So chill a bit in life; giving a delayed reply is far better than giving a reply which you will regret in life. The best of things have never happened with you reacted too smartly or acted brashly or even when you were too happy, there is higher ground to choose and that is when it happened I could take it, resolve it and move on with it without being carried away in the temporary flow of my temporary life!

Don’t worry too much take your chances you may just come out with overwhelming colours ahead in life anyway not that you are getting out alive, so live it to the best!!!

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