Solution to our problems is…

Solution is the first rescue to every problem, at times before defining the problem we are hunting for solutions! However all the solutions are already known to us, it is just that we have forgotten where we have kept it. Just like those car keys we forgot before we left for the trip and when we came back, we couldn’t find it, so instead of wasting our time, we simply got the duplicate and went ahead with our lives. Some time later we lose the duplicate and then change the locks of the car. We identify that lock is the problem, however you losing the keys was the problem. But hell no; nobody wants to know that it was my mistake, cause it is so embarrassing that I could be wrong. Interestingly our history has to tell us otherwise, even demigods were wrong, kings were wrong basically in the material world it is ok to be wrong. Just that you had to pay for it; with a price, history had curse, people in the Kali-yuga (age of vice) think it is money, irony!

The law of land has not really changed much over the 5000 years of recorded history we have, but you know people just need something new, it is like I need a pair of pants in the history of fashion the type of pants are invented and you would see the fashion revamps from the ashes but texture has changed, however the designs are repeating after decades but repeating though, pants are still pants and surely looks like pants. The solution to our problems is not technology, the solution to our problems is in the written history. We are not really inventing problems, however we are inventing technology, but factually how many problems are really new, which were not there 5000 years ago. You may talk health issues, those would not have come up in the first place, if we would have managed to maintain the discipline and schedule of our ancestors, basically how to lead a life! Well lets keep moving on; we may talk about technological advancement, Harappan civilization had better sewage system than what we have now!

Solar system, working of the stars and reasons mentioned in our Vedas still make more sense, than we are yet to find. So I guess we are losing the point here completely, firstly we are losing the focus from what the problem is to measure only the effects. Secondly we are moving in the wrong direction, the solution to our problems is not writing new history, with limited experimental intelligence. It is in reading the old literature left with us in the form of Vedas. What we are trying to prove with new age technology, they knew it! It is scary, they knew it and it is still yet to be discovered by us, we haven’t yet verified, then accept the knowledge; oh no we are taking the short cut, this is not true, what we have and have come to know through experimental learning is the proof (insecured mortals)!

In the pre-independence era(the population was less) an english-man came studied a few things around of definition of multi-Gods and said there is more of God to man ratio in India. However a further study would have probably brought him to a different conclusion, that we believe in monotheism and not polytheism; prime minister of the country like India, would have different ministries however the final approval would be from the Prime minister, similarly we have many demigods 330 million to say, however it is that they are demigods and not God. The source is one, the trinity which again is interesting angle, Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva, however lets keep that discussion of another blog. The idea to share is that we learn from our experiences and experience are in the past not in the future, the problems are in the future for which we access the data of solution from the past experiences. Similarly our problems have a solution, just that we have to widen our scope to the unlimited experience and knowledge given to us. There is a solution to our problems!

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