Rights or being right?

085-1 I have had a lot of conversations; where me being right and being right, taking the higher grounds, but winning the argument still made me lose. It was always a complex situation to understand where me being right seemed to be still wrong. Then something of the context, but a similar complex situation running in my head happened, lately I was in Bangalore, tried to take the Auto rick ride, my bad. The place was nearby I knew, obnoxious price said by the driver, I asked lets go by the meter he was more than happy to do it. Suddenly I realised that 1.7 kms turned into 3.0 kms I was like, hello the meter is not right. He started swearing in local language. I said lets go to the cops, he said it takes Rs. 1000/- to check the meter with the cops, FYI it is free. I said I will pay, obviously the conversation turned bitter. I practically jumped out of the ride. Tried to take picture of the ride, he rode a circle around me, threatening, swearing and flared away (trying to be one of the action hero’s), I though to myself what is wrong with our movies these days. However thanks to Bangalore traffic, the ride got stuck. I went took the picture of the number plate. He came out and threatened, a truck driver not knowing anything but started to support for the driver. The incident passed away and things went to normal because I had better things to worry about. However it left a sour taste to me, when arrived, my friend told you don’t take rides here, you book your ride through the apps and then take it!

I am like fair enough that incident had passed away, but a complex situation however again rose in my head, instead of atleast appreciating the fact that I took the correct path, I was sublimed and told to choose wisely. Over there that cheat driver had the guts to threaten me. Interestingly right, those build so very different, confusing views in the mind. I was correct, but I was told otherwise, instead of making sure the corrupt is taken for a ride, I am suggested to choose my ride. Well, I still feel that complaining for corrupt practices, is the right thing to do. One of my friend even went down to the level of saying that, listen these drivers are poor.. I just cut through I said so, that does not mean, that you can cheat people, Hello!!! feels like I am the only one who has lost it!

Strangely the world around has shifted from what is factually correct or incorrect or according to the law of the land, to oh my god who is in misery and pain, how can narrate a sadder story, surely that is the correct side to support for. I feel people are wasting time and money on the movies and cable network to see the drama, see the news it is one big illusion of everything that is falling apart, even though it might not be. I remember the movie Nightcrawler change the news; make the money. There are just so many things, we cannot carry the bags of potatoes and burden ourself, however we should not stop for being right. In the long run when I look back it was the right decision to stand right rather than struggling with your rights.

There is one thing that you have to live with till your last breath, that is yourself, be the dreamer, the achiever, the unrealistic optimistic that deep down you know you are, be one person people look upto, be that everything you want to be, cause the heavens would fall lose. We live in a world where problems and life being unfair is the whole idea of life; so that we learn immortal lessons for spiritual up-gradation, living mortal lives. Make your learning the awesome part of your life than awful part of your life, keep patience how long, as long as it takes to make things fine again.

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