I just spilled it for you

013 Disclaimer: Yes I have have used foul language and strong words in this blog, that is so unlike me but hell ya I did it. So you if you mind then don’t mind to read it. However I would request my usual, sensible, honesty and peaceful loving readers to go ahead and have run down I am sure you would be able to connect to this as much as I do Cheers!!!

Tons of things running through my head there is just no stopping; things keep crawling into my head taking up, the valuable space which ideally is suppose to remain austere without the hostilities taking place all the time. I developed a habit of not reading newspapers, watching tv particularly news channel and somehow it is helping me to keep peace more than usual with myself and it is not that i have been doing for it few weeks, it has been more than close two years and I tell you what, it hasnt changed a thing and I am still doing great with the BS. What surely is different is that I do not have stands just on the basis of, oh it was an internet troll, it was just media coverage, it was just some BS being sold of because somebody didnt want to be strong armed. Still I know whats happening around! How ?

The world does it for me. Somebody in the office, somebody crossing my path, grocery store, movies, radio, friends, facebook something or anything or everything will break the news to you and tell you on your face; how the world has turned to be miserable place to live in and how much they care about something, just until this morning when they saw it on the news this morning. God help them with place on  Pluto. In the mad race to win and move on people have stopped giving a rats ass about anything or Anybody.

So what is the problem, masses may not be following a leader but masses are actually following with the m silent, who can be sold out and bought for very little or nothing at all. How much are we depending on the masses than our own asses, is so much so thought provoking gesture one should be reciprocating with some ‘me’ time, introspection and majorly needing to understand what are the needs. There is nothing called as the larger good it is always about credit for the larger good that excites than the good itself. That is exactly how it is so cut yourself some slack and think what you really need and dont go for an overpriced, unwanted, great looking, neighbor bought so I need it, product which only adds price to your assets (actually liability, cause everything is on EMI) ┬ábut not adding value to you all. There is so much more to grow for, so that you can live, enjoy and deal with your own company; than the things, people and emotions which are beyond your control and irony people can’t even control their own shit. Yes that is fact it is practically nothing you control however that also means you cannot be controlled. Only the question is do you know who am I?

I am no one to answer that but I personally love to live with the idea that I am spirit soul in a mortal human body with the knowledge and experience of many lives living again only to surprise myself with new lessons and learning. So if I am here to learn what did I learn today, what was the extra effort I took to get something out of myself other than what was thrown at face or I cribbed about to go through!

So what has to done about reservations, x or y and z I tell you what I vote, try fact finding, before trolling on and majorly basically ignore when a spoiled over grown brat is throwing tantrums because he or she could not get it what he or she wanted, I ask does it affect me, does it bring in any harm to human race if not I like not to stretch it, I say do enough not to enhance the damage; good will happen as a response to it. It is always easier to say things from a higher ground and see things from a higher ground however you need to reach the higher ground dont try to take the higher ground because you dream off being on the higher ground. Conspiracy theories, whistle blowers are not surfacing because they dont exist they are surfacing because the human race is suppressing, it is majorly because people have lost the balls to deal with reality and are happy winning fiction wars which exist; which is again a theory brought up, factually a lot would not happen because we are just used to thinking worst without realizing that it is a thought and not problem you are facing. Think about this if the responsibility, the benefits are shared with a constituted few and the repurcations for everyone else do you really would give a shit? If you can survive you; then help others cause no dead helps the living to live

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