Something that lasts forever or something with whom it seems forever. Finding comfort to deal with your own company with someone else is togetherness. It is generally shared with people, some do share with material earnings, some claim that together is when you have something to give! There are tons of explanations all to suit individualistic needs, but how is it being together then? For me togetherness has been dynamically stationary. Dynamic in terms of time and stationary in terms of being there.

We have a very brief limited time on face of this earth. It is non negotiable and we have boundaries of physical plan, science claims that light is the fastest moving method to calculate, so why we measure the distance in terms of light years. However there is something faster than that, that is mind, the mind can wander in the past in the present, in any location at any time. Can build a future, can re-create the past, it is not defined by the laws of the physical world, however it makes us feel part of the physical world.

How would you like to spend limited time, to create long lasting memories with whom? When you know, with whom you would like share your limited infinity you know with whom your togetherness is to be shared with. Nothing happens overnight, being there said that; making the same mistake, dealing with the same issues, coming to same circumstances in life you like it or don’t has got to do with your togetherness internally and externally both.

Together we stand, divided we fall! It is true, when you are comfortable with your own company together you make better decisions, you in conflict with yourself seeking togetherness outside, find whatever resources you could arrange for togetherness, living in fear that this is all the togetherness can be, is losing the point completely. If your parents thought about keeping you all by themselves not allowing school, education, exposure would that be togetherness? Would allowing you to explore your own world and let learn from your mistakes, be togetherness? I believe growing together is togetherness, neither you stop nor you leave, being there is the difference that it makes to ones life.

Togetherness is light and fire, snow and white, darkness and night, would and can you define togetherness in a fashion which inseparable? If you found it nurture, treat is with all love and respect. If you haven’t found it, wait; relax open your eyes, and keep walking. Always remember it is better to walk alone towards the destination than to walk in masses away from it. Your journey is special, because only you live it, sharing that intimate space of journey to conclude for a destination cannot be with everybody and anybody. Being together is not being with the world, being together is walking towards a goal with no hitch to share the road, the view, the reason and self.

Love is fascinating but togetherness is an eye opener, love can temporary togetherness is eternity. It is growing and fulfilling, it is building and completing, it is being together but feeling yourself. It is not all that philosophical but honestly more of realistic, because the idea itself it long lasting, at times it would last for a few days, years, life and probably leave you with a craving of many more lives to come ahead. Choose your togetherness to be together and for every other reason find a credit card to finance you. Spare your limited infinity for someone worth the most precious and irreversible thing you own.

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