Finding you was finding myself…

…in life we meet, greet, agree disagree, bond, repel, love and love less. This blog is not about the ones, who have been to down-time you this one is for the ones who have been there irrespective of; inspite of, and just been there. A lot of people get confused with the people who get you in those situations and be there to the people have been there whatever the situation is. The latter ones are the mirrors of reflection and not mirage. Knowing which one is which is wisdom for the world, but for me; learning for the soul.

This material world is to teach us lessons; lessons are learnt by experiences good and bad, good experiences we forget and bad ones we take it; to the grave, in retrospective form today I am like I need neither of them, it was me who learnt a decade back, the lesson learnt a decade back is just information today. As I am not the same as I was a decade back so why carry something that is a decade old, when it is not even the same person who learnt it! We become something and somebody else limiting ourselves in the logics of this material world.

Countless examples brought in front of us, that the logic are self defining and limiting. Human form is limiting humans is more of less limitless. We forget to see our own potential, a potential to achieve and be the person you are built and capable of to be. Setting lower benchmarks, lowering the achievement targets. What are we striving so hard to achieve, for me personally many things the list seem to be countless, however I have identified with myself that needs are different from wants. Needs are giving the experience of anand (delight, absolute) may not be the happiness, however fulfilling but limited.

All of this information is fed into me somewhere I knew, I just forgot, it is something like forgetting your gmail password where you have not set the retrieval options and those mails are still there for a couple of months but you are unable to open them. You try and try hard and then you let it be; make a new account and pass on the message, forgetting not all but few ties and accepting that; that’s it my mails are gone! Forgetting the fact that you are just not the user of your life you are also the super-admin of your life. Now this same situation but you are the super-admin what would you simply do is go to the account and reset the password problem solved.

The people you love are the biggest influences in your life defining you as the user or the super-admin. The people who love you; will always push you for something from their prospective their wishes, their flaws and their weaknesses, also their strengths; it is not that bad but hello it is still not you. I was having a conversation with my colleague the other day, he came up with a philosophy that I is what I think! I countered if I would think ditto as you think then will I become you? His response was if You would think ditto as I than you would be I! So I is in comparison to you! Keeping that conversation for a later blog but yes learning is from outside.

The whole idea here is love is getting influenced; and allowing that influence to be a navigator while you drive, when you are getting influenced who is a mirror; your life would help you to make the best show performance because you know your flaws, not because you dont have flaws. When you are getting influenced by mirage you would keep walking and no matter how much you walk, it would be always be a bit more further. Love is limitless because you are!

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