Let love be for Real!

081 In this constant quest for conclusion! I kept on waiting and making conclusions however the path did not end, the wait did not end the conclusions formed and reformed in reality it did not end! No better reason to blame because life has not ended yet! I walked down for miles, to find the end to make a conclusive story, an achievement to brag. I can assure you, restless and breathless, tired and fatigued, vision which was clear I could not see the end. In the process I forgot there were birds chirping, people in boats relishing the weather, unknown passerby with smiles to pass, beautiful landscape and green gardens. I crossed graveyard and people praying for their loved ones they lost. I had only focused on finding an end a conclusion. Love was all the way till this path only I missed it and now I haven’t got to the end nor have I shared the happiness, sorrow, smiles or blessings while walking the path. How much have I missed, or how much am I to miss now?

The idea is very real, I miss good old days of travel, miss good old friends, miss etc. Today is yet another journey, just because it is routine, you may not realise it, but tomorrow be somewhere else,  do something else and you would be missing something else altogether. So is love real and it is now! There is no better love than the love which gives you a reason to be alive. People say it is the fear of death that keeps one alive, however to me it is also the love for life that keeps one going and going.

Finding a conclusion did not take me too far, but finding path as the conclusion, did help me cross milestones! I never knew what is best until I said this is the best for me now, here and in this mortal world longing immortality! Trust is broken, hearts is into pieces, fear of unknown resides as crown and the real self falls on the ground. People around would doubt and dare; making you feel sparse and scare! Remember one thing you came alone and there is not much that they can care. You have to care enough and in response you may or may not be cared.

But lets face the fact, you did not love because you had too, you loved because you wanted too. That is real, expecting love in return is real, doubting anybody else is doubting yourself because ultimately it what you wanted, not the other way around! It is ok to be selfish because finding peace with oneself is also being selfish, ultimately you are wanting to be more yourself than affected by the outside. Never thought this way? Well there is no harm in being selfish till the time you do not harm anybody outside.

People have thin minds, will try to mellow you down, it is alright because at times it is more human to bend down to somebody than to ignore of their presence at all. I have understood wasting time over people with such limitations is worthless and they try to make you the same. Find love with someone and live it as for love is real, no conclusions drawn no expectations concluding to conclusions. Love is not the end but the process towards a meaningful end!

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