Human changes…

The silicon valley of India, Bangalore; anna the name has changed; I know however I guess me still old school. Bombay is still bombay and so is bangalore. Well the interesting thing I noticed is that the traffic cops in Bangalore click digital photos of the traffic offenders. Like seriously you trying to come by the one way road, click. You are trying to use the opposite side lane to come forward, click. You are doing something on the road, like crossing the stop line at the signal, click.

This is like really cool, now we see a lot of Hollywood and know that traffic offenders are captured with the help of automated cameras. Still doing it in the silicon valley of India. I am really impressed. Then once these photographs are scanned, you get a love letter from the officials for the challan. Now it makes sense, just not because it is a good initiative or promising; but more so because now the crime is justified with a proof. I remember that cops would stop you and then just in case you tried to put your point of view and slam you get penalised for things you have not even done; or you bribe them. I feel this is a good start for reducing the corruption; simple click and done. Nothing else doing!

The other interesting thing I found out, is that Bangalore just not have great joints for food, but somehow the make it reasonable too. The taxes to be blamed but I guess it is more importantly the people who are to be blamed for serving; good food. The traffic is surely nobody can stop complaining about; the bottleneck is short term planning with long term reciprocation. The greenery and lakes; that are left, have their cleaning and natural effect to make the city, just more accommodating.

It is surprisingly a perfect blend of big city and a small town. People are happy to help you. They are relaxed enough which does not burden you with uncalled urgency and not that late which is unprofessional. Surely the startup culture is interesting, I was trying to figure out why so much boost here than the other parts of the country. Agree the weather here is much better all year round. However I believe and may be wrong but it is to do with the people. The acceptability, more efforts to enhance accountability, like giving a camera to the cop is no big deal, but the thought process behind the idea speaks a lot of things about the city.

There are tons of IT companies out here and somehow it also helps the start up to expand and multiply exponentially as the consumption for apps is insane. Well in totality how I feel is that it is a better change. The country says corruption cannot be eradicated; somehow I agree because old habits die hard and corruption is wordly problem just not India. But it also means countries like Sweden, Norway etc where corruption is like non existent so I am sure we can move ahead towards such goals as benchmarks. All in all where there is a will there is a way; India is changing and for the better.

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