If lost then only can be found

I was told the best way to know a city is to get lost in that city. However when I had heard it, I did not understand! Later though I understood what it is to be a tourist and what it is to be a traveler. I; like many other souls present on the face of this earth love to travel and explore new places. The first time I lost my way I was paranoid, then I made sure I was lost only to know that the road is better than the destination.

014 I had crashed my hard disk with my own stupidity. However I only wished, if only I could some day recover my photos and I did, it took me practically close to a year but when I did the first thing I understood was the value of something can be very easily understood when you lose it and more importantly when you find it again! I learnt to become a traveler in London. It was a routine to catch the tube get down at some random station; which was never visited before and hunt your way back. Honestly I always only more happy to get lost in London.

049This is the Rosetta stone, it carries the inscriptions in different languages which helped to decipher the Egyptian language. I learnt that everything around us has a reason may not apparently able to make sense, comprehend the need of stones in the path we are walking on, but actually only to help to make things easier which were ignored or considered rocket science before. Like our sour experiences in life. I do not remember which tube station I had got out of, but I landed up walking a long bridge which I came to know that, happened to be the millennium bridge. That bridge led me to reach an art gallery and luckily there were some really beautiful piece of art, check out the image below. The known road would end up at known destinations, unknown roads would help you to understand the destination! Destination is a myth and road is the absolute truth of life. 072

The artistic view is best understood when the artist explains it you. Somehow it helps to accept the enlightens you; which is fact that there and here is a dimension of life which was unknown not absent, because as we all know ‘Energy cannot be created nor destroyed it can be converted from one form to another.’ So the knowledge is there somewhere, but you may only know about it when you realise that you have lost,  ‘The intelligent is full of doubts and stupid people are full of confidence.” To know, is to lose it or else we take it for granted.

034-1Try solo, it is not bad at all! Waiting for the right moment, right opportunity, right signs, right something, right someone…. is more of waste of time, as that right everything might be waiting round the corner; which you chose to avoid because you were walking alone. That life you living, well that Life is running out with each breath. Don’t wait for life to happen to you! It happened the day you were born and it will end the day you take your last breath, find company if you can but if not try solo. If you are unable to bear your own company, dont ask other to bear with you!

054Company is good when you know it, or else even if you have a nice bright summer day and a boat and a pet and etc etc but the not interest in the journey is just a long path; with the urge to reach without knowing why we had to reach in the first place. Spend time with your friends, as that opportunity lost, might help you to buy luxuries but will never help you to buy time. Invest in what you feel is right, just because that is something you will never get it back. Be with the people around or the new book or the blog but invest carefully. Choose your company right; no matter what you do , you cannot buy time; only invest it, in some thing you wanted to do or else worse with the regret; could have done! Life is not giving you another chance, don’t ask and don’t give. It is matter of choice between being what you are and becoming what you need to be!

106There is more in the reflection than it is too look beyond, take your chances you have a 100% success rate of survival that is exactly how you have keeping youself alive. The world is outside and so it is inside. It is alright to be lost, but knowing that you are lost is even more important than being on the the correct path! The paths, the priorities, the problems would change but, walking the path is constant make the best out it while still walking. ‘The grass is always greener on the other side”, understand that this side, that side and any other is only possible when you are on either sides. Don’t be the follower of the destined, He has created your strong enough to create your own destiny, make yourself proud, as you will be living the most with yourself than anybody else.


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