So being a Indian

India is just not a country of diversity, it is a country defining diversity out to you. The country has immense history, also it has obviously a lot of people (1.25 billion and counting), it is a large country (7th largest country by size), it is facing a lot of changes all the time (geographic with regards to climates from one part to the part of the country, social and languages) because nothing is same, so basically we also lack uniformity or we are unable to see the pattern of chaos and say it is not uniform? However my dear friend I would like to let you know today it is beyond than chaos and patterns, it is people, real people!

Travelling a bit through the continents I came to realise and understand; and also appreciate a few things, culture is variable except for global morals like dont hurt or kill anyone, dont steal and don’t lie everything else is negotiable. Something somewhere is fine and is an absolute no no at the other end of the world. Now one may not really travel just to understand that, so in a country like India and in case you live in flats, or colonies something which basically has a neighborhood and i.e. sadly if you are part of the urban India, you can relate to is the fact the diversity is like every house door you know!

Now going beyond the concept of the larger picture look within the house and you would see that some home global environments like eating habits, dressing style are the same, but everybody would have a different take. Now we may have got the idea of diversity on the macro and micro levels. However why is that Indians which have access to so much of diversity and learning grounds have to fly high above the sky, put themselves behind the desks of some foreign land to built up something that they wanted to.

Do Indian’s get any special knowledge from the cosmic energy of the universe to invent things, or do things right? Do Indian’s actually do anything that any other human being from any other country cannot not do? I would say no, all is the same; then why is that suddenly everything starts making more sense? Why is that someone is able to create in the other part of the world and not here? The logical answer is the eco system allows which does not here.

So I thought about it some more what is the eco system are we talking about? I was surprised, we Indians go on hunting for patterns and uniformity, all the bloody time! We forget that fact that we are different and so will be our ideas and approach to something and everything, keeping aside global morals talked before. Now when One is not under the pressure to be under the social stigma of non performance according to the whims and fancies around. What does that mean? Basically that means more the laws without logic, more will be felonies without punishment!

So if somebody is a carpenter and failed as a carpenter and wants to learn music and play, the logjam of that person being a carpenter is fixed externally; and mind it but diminishing factor is oneself. There are amazing inspiring people, all around; all of them I have heard have said commonly a few things, that is you have to believe in yourself to create something out of you. Nobody else knows you better than yourself, Never stop dreaming because dreams become true, Love matters mostly, rest is negotiable, Nothing comes easy, everything you create will require hard work, patience and determination only works once you know what you want. Do it for yourself than for others, if you do not like it; don’t expect the world too, but also vice versa. All In all short in short, believe in yourself and make things happen then waiting for it to happen, because we all are the same; i.e. different and unique!

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  1. Ananya Tales says:

    Hey I agree there r wonderful people around us ..i love observing people n absorbing their great qualities 🙂

    South Asian Women

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