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Time is the most vital commodity available to mankind. If anybody could share anything with any other person on this earth; it is time. Rest everything else is negotiable, time just runs out. Lately I have been honestly tied up with too many things and could not post. Though I had so much happening around and so much to share. It doesn’t matter I am making the best of I can, I am sharing my time with you.

India is a vast country of written laws and majorly unwritten laws. I am talking about laws because somewhere they govern us, govern how we behave, govern how we react, govern how we express, govern how we do almost anything and everything. Doubt me? ok tell me how will explain getting back home late? Got the point so many permutations combinations what is early? what is late? what is a genuine reason? Is coming back from a movie makes it later than coming back from a relatives place?

So basically we have written laws that are of no use, than we have the unwritten laws which are as if the most important laws in the universe. India is on the verge of making new laws, the television is surely a daily report of the new laws in the country. I will tell you what, I dont find half of the laws relevant! I dont find majority of them genuine! I dont believe these laws where made for the benefit of the citizens of the country! I dont believe these have anything to do with governance but majorly to harass people as and when required! I dont believe that written laws is any less to hypocrisy as to Indian roads without holes.

Honestly has less of incentive, good values and social overview is termed more of a show off. Unwritten laws dominate the world of reality. Being good is not good; but being smart is all been demonstrated. What is the bandwagon for? Why am I to walk the path that you think right? You are not in my shoes! You cannot be, you know why? Because you ain’t walking! you are dragged on the path laid to you. You are smooth flowing because if not hundreds, thousands have walked on the path you following.

Why so many thoughts? Simple; a reminder life is like this, surrounded by multiple fronts to be faced by. How easy it would be if you know where to go! How difficult it would be when you land up fighting the fronts without any particular destination to be reached. Don’t just follow; lead, Don’t just give up; succeed, Don’t let it drown you; make it fly, Don’t just read; recite to fill the sky, Don’t just live by the rules; make them for there is nothing for you and anybody else to lose.

New laws in the country, know before you make, follow before you break, lead by example and not corrupt practices. Leave the state of fear as it is off to end, the darkest time in the night is about to end. Live a life worth to be recalled, or simply choose to live a life justifying an unjustified end. I fail to give up, I succeed to try. What is life without a difference? What is unique if I and you are different. Make the laws that are only relevant or write the laws if they are actually relevant.


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  1. sibichen says:

    Unfortunately laws have become exclusive property of the law makers and law practitioners because of the inherent complexity (deliberate or otherwise). It is timely and most appropriate to have aggressive awareness programs to take the law to the people.

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