Creating Blue oceans yet again…

This is a read if you are an entrepreneur, or plan to be someday primarily; for the rest it might help to be an eye opener. India is the 7th largest country in terms of size. Practically it has all the climatic conditions one would imagine. It is coming up the largest work force as well, it looks all good right? Here’s the down side to it, the maximum work force that is coming up; is illiterate or uneducated! How was that for starters. So basically you would have a hell lot of people around you to work but with limited options for them to work and limited options for you to employ people.

Next the whole focus for same random reason is on the IT sector. Hello wake up people, the IT sector surely is nice and fancy, but the fact remains that majorly we are dependent on the west for the projects to run. So if the business there goes for a toss, what are going to do? So a large amount of educated young guns of India go for a toss too. Coming ahead to the main course as we done with the starters. The service industry is good for many countries, see all the developed nations are largely relying on the service industry right! Dear friend, those countries are not rich with human resources, so because they have diminishing tax payers and more people living on taxes, you are going to bridge the gap by living there and pay the taxes, it is not for your benefit but theirs too.

Let me share a scenario with you; you have a fab house built up multi stories and things like that, beside your place; is a slum area. So no matter how good your entrance is and huge it is, the area beside is, just not happening to put it subtly. When we talk about holistic growth it is about us and people around us agree? How is that going to happen if we busy just tapping the keyboard, making money for our living. See no offences to the people in the service industry, all I am trying to bring to surface is the fact that it is an illusion of a fairy tale but not the fairy tale itself.

China is the factory for the world. We should be the hub of food for the world. It is actually plain and simple agriculture is the word. Think about it you have crops and then you sell them to the local markets, you make money, you have more you export them, you make money, you still have more you export to the world, you still make money! At the end of the day you are the owner of something. That is in your hands, why agriculture in the first place? We coming close to desserts. Everybody can’t invest huge amount to start off the industry. The Taxes are still heavy for running industries. There are tons of schemes where you are not taxed because you dealing with agricultural products. Interestingly Every byproduct is another source of income. You can employ many people and help them to make a living gracefully, if you run out of the human resources, the world has done a lot of home work for us already. There is technology for practically everything related to agriculture.

There is a saying “there are no free lunches” so if the government is giving you free food, it is not because they want to feed you; but because they want you to starve so that you are dependent on somebody’s free lunches, I just nailed it yippee!!! Well that is the fact my dear friend. Sustainable is self dependent, as there is no substitute for hard-work for a living. Think about it, you would know there is much more; than we have thought about, p lough the seeds of success yourself.

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