An Indianer Part III

new year 2 It is 31/12/2013, the last day of the year 2013. Where is the party? What’s the plan? Messages filled inbox’s with good wishes and best wishes. The people you would have anticipated to wish and loads of people you wouldn’t have anticipated. What is behind all the good wishes? Interesting question right. Now I would not like to question the wishes, I am just trying to understand the reason behind the good wishes. I would leave that with you; for you to answer yourself.

What is the new year resolution? See the whole world has suddenly come up with so many questions. The interesting thing is, are they asking so that, they are genuinely interested? Again something for you to give a thought. In the whole cycle of celebrating the new year’s eve. There is a chunk of people from whom nothing have changed, just another day.

I tell you what, try to walk around the city; malls, shops all lit up, newbies trying to scare the speed on the bike. Blaring horns, everybody in hurry, barracks setup all the around the city, so that the youngsters don’t take it to the extreme. Cops all around. In this rush somewhere I don’t know what am I doing? Tons of friends and places to go, who are just gonna help me get wasted. Stay put at home and relax and call it for a family time and evening. Majority of us would have either sides either we are out or we are at home.

The interesting conversation I had with a young girl. She said new years to me have been more or less home with family and friends; which was a sudden sense of realisation ok, people can keep doing that for years, like seriously. I remember myself last to last year I was in the biggest party in the world beside Thames river. Last year again out and then I just enquired like how come? She had a blunt answer it is not that safe, people driving like crazy and I just like it at home with friends.

I was a bit hmm mm and then I actually tried to see around, yes people are in for a crazy night. The problem is not that; they are in for a crazy night; the problem is they making others feel unsafe. Suddenly I also remembered I was small, like school going kid and I asked my parents can we go out for a drive, on the new years eve. My parents took me for the drive; while my dad was driving, me in rear seat. From the left two bikes passed with superb speed (I thought cool man) and suddenly ahead of us, on the turn one of them fell on the road skidding and leaving sparks on the road. Luckily we were driving slow. My parents got down of the car, helped the kids get back, asked them if they were fine? Or needed to call up anybody? Or needed to be taken to the hospital or something. I really dont remember much. I remember the interesting thing, ‘kids don’t understand how precious they are….’

I would be honest, my first bike and on the new years eve I have also playing with speed to the glory. Once I returned back home early, my elder brother was going out for his party and all he said is that; you should drive slow. I couldn’t understand, he was at home how the hell did he come to know. His friend had called him to tell him, your brother is driving too fast. Surely never did that again. For me then it was fun, but as a whole picture when you see it, it is not that cool, somewhere, somehow I am scaring other people on the road, who exactly and equally wanna celebrate new year’s eve.

Drunk and driving another thing ought to happen, why not just one of us for today will not drink. One of us will leave everybody home and reach back home safely. With power comes responsibility. (spider man). With freedom comes trust. Keeping the good wishes, good luck to all of us. I may suggest have a great time, a great party, great celebrations, choose and drive but don’t drink and drive. Life is journey where years are numbers to be added to one’s collection. Stay safe, stay blessed. Happy New year!

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  1. Nima Das says:

    Happy New Year ANIKET!!Good to know you live in Nagpur like me and also a fellow Blogger

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