The Indianer Part II

Going ahead with being the normal, urban Indian series. We face delima, the delima is just around all the time, all the place. Somewhere that makes me think that our youth, ourselves are losing the focus of life. When standing on the traffic signal we all know that we are suppose to stop at red, go at green. Since our childhood we have been taught this. When we actually start driving we plan to stop at red and go at green. Then there are fellow drivers who would overstep the red signal and drive off.

The delima starts building in, am I suppose to wait or go… over the period of time this just plans to continue. One fine day we also start to overstep the red signal. The question is breaking a traffic signal is right or wrong. I mean obviously it is wrong. The question is what made up change the believe that we were embossed with; that breaking a signal is ok? There are funny answers you may get, everybody does it! It is cool to break the rules! I am just running out of time! Nobody can do anything when I do it!!!! alright these have been the answers. Now what?

I tell you what, this act of ours have let into us few believes, belief that I am above the law, I can do that, belief that I am more important than the rest of the fellow people driving around, belief that what I have learnt is not right. The last is the tricky one, once we come to the belief that what we learnt is not correct or can be molded according to ones whims and fancies that one is serious.

Over the period of time this belief creeps in our lives and our thinking, somewhere down the line creating great confusion with our own value and thinking process. Then starts the crusade within. This dealt with ignorance becomes epic and part of ones being. Difficult to trust from where it started off…just a traffic signal, not exactly it starts of with more million other little things; which are told and we land up or blame it to the circumstances and do it differently.

No matter the what the circumstances, if our belief system changes, because of the band wagon, because of the ‘oh its cool’ factor, because of the I dont know why? ¬†When such circumstances start to change in your belief system; it is trouble. That is why when we talk around a lot of people; people have a lot of conviction, but few you may find with a firm belief. The base of the belief in todays world is shaken to the core.

That is why people either speak to high on moral grounds or too low because they have belief system is becoming fragile and without a base as such. The idea of sharing this is surely that we should not break the traffic signals but more than that the idea is to understand that we are breaking our own confidence, our own value system, our own logic and somewhere down line our own self.

Let us remember an Indianer is not to be taken for ride, I understand we all have things to be done, fun to be carried and life to be lived, we all need to understand why we doing it. It is doesn’t matter if you have tried things for the heck of it or just once for fun. What matters is whatever we do, do we know why we doing it. Surely there is enlightenment waiting for you. Stay blessed!

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