An Indianer!!!

It has been on my mind since ages; I would say, really likes ages. Somewhere, something or other just kept me off writing an Indianer. To the extent I wrote, saved and never posted over the period of time it was write, save but dont post it. Couldn’t really understand why; it was something telling me not to post it. Nonetheless I know now the reason for writing, saving but not posting it. It is the set of unwritten rules embossed over the period of time wherein we just dont talk about it, but we expect others to understand!

The whole idea is to be respectful, unharmful, accommodating, adjusting…..etc basically a long list of all the positive personifications for another human being. In the due process, we forgot that surely larger good is the most important factor than the individuals, but because of the positive personifications we just left actually speaking out; speaking about what we really want and landed up in accepting what people want for us. With their limited knowledge of know-how, I am sure the idea is for the betterment of the larger good; like I am just generally putting it across the table. See even I couldn’t just come up and say we are becoming hypocrites rather; limited knowledge…

These are the set of unwritten rules I am talking about; which has brought our civilisation to last for centuries but slowly and steadily it is divided, segmented, gone to extremes basically a lot of talking with no crux / reasoning. I would put it simply what I think happened over the those long centuries. The idea of passing knowledge was through versus, stories and poems. Now for example if you are a teacher and you taking a lesson and you forgot some part of the lesson. A student stands up and says Sir you are missing out on this part. Or worse questions your knowledge with interpretation. The immediate reaction would be; it is out of course, or it is not important…. Would you actually say that you forgot or you dont know? I will tell you it is highly unlikely that you shall say that.

Think about is centuries ago, exactly that has what happened with us. Our own knowledge, our own books, our own hertiage we have forgotten and became parrots of formalities. We should respect elders, no offence mate I agree and we should respect the elders but why? Can somebody talk to me why and then you might get the slap of your life but not the answer as to why should I? Why do we put diyas in diwali? Why join hands and say namaste? You would be surprised there is a logicial answer to each of this question and millions more.

The reason which when I read made sense to me even today. They are relevant and realisitc, those reasons where kept aside and we were asked to follow blindly, so logics went out and supersition got in. I persoanlly believe I might be wrong but Hindu as a religion is most liberal and logical too. Incapability of people to pass on the logic got us in a soup and made us superstitious. Think about it polygamy was allowed in Mahabharat, people had love marriages even then, man that is like uff I dont even know how many centuries ago; and that was post Ramayan, that is long long time now.

Well an Indianer is a series, it is a series of being an Indian and how an Indianer is? More than that what we have forgotten, it is a going to be a journey of an Indianer. We shall discuss about history, politics, lessons learnt from bollywood, we called the snake charmers and stuff that an average Indianer in an urban society. Keep reading, stay blessed!!!

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