The quest I got it solved.

We all have a past, a past we have known which there is with us in our conscious mind; and then we have the past in the unconscious too. We have felt after meeting people that we have known them since long, also at times we just cannot stand somebody for reasons unknown. We feel that we have been visited this place; abide by the fact that we are visiting the place for the first time, consciously.

We have fears, fear from heights; fear of the dark, fear from certain animals which in normal circumstances are domesticated animals, fear of speed, fear of etc.. we have fears that is fine, what if you come to know why do you have fears.

I would like to share my story, I had been working for corporate companies before. One particular instance I would like to share; due my job profile which was head of different states of India for sales. I had been on the move. Everything was fine but somewhere I knew I was losing the interest, the satisfaction, the charm. I had shifted my residence to new house. The house was great, posh locality, amazing view. When I was settled and off to sleep. I just could not because as soon as I used to close my eyes I could feel somebody stabbing me in the chest. I opened and there was nobody in the house. I turned the lights on but nothing helped, obviously I had to change the residence but that issue did not end. I underwent this life changing workshop for two days, to satisfy the urge to my quests.

I was flabbergasted to know why it was happening. A sense of mistrust that had built up while climbing the corporate ladder and clashes with known people had become a routine, but then I was enlightened why exactly all this was happening. Then things changed, I didn’t have quarrels but discussions. There are multiple issues we keep building in ourselves reasons best known to us. There are things which we suddenly say are slipping off our hands, but honestly are they suddenly slipping of our hands or it because we cannot take things anymore.

There is a world we know of and there is much more than that we are unaware of. I would suggest if there is a quest in life you should attend this.Folder 2 Folder 1

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