Gorewada Reserve

The Sunday morn tryst at Gorewada Reserve, Nagpur


This reserve for developed on 1912 by the water works department then, way before I and you were born to provide with drinking water to the people of Nagpur.


It is a perfect break in the nature, endless trail to be walked and chirping birds to your ears.

It is a 8 km walk, surrounding the lake but the more we go further the feel of the forest surrounds you.


The sunlight, light drizzle of the rains and walk with yourself is perfect blend to recharge yourself in nature.

Make sure you are carrying a bottle of water, because no matter how humid it is outside the walk surely dehydrates you.


Be prepared to trek, not matter the trail is laid out and surely you would not lose your way in the jungle, but afterall it is a jungle walk.

The place is filled with surprises as far water bodies, birds, flora and fauna is concerned.

The trail is more or less never ending, for the first hour I had seen some regular walkers, photography enthusiastic people like me, but then the human intervention decreases, after a point of time and becomes and amazing, beautiful lonely walk.


To all the people who have a habit of craving out things on the trees, see still the mother earth loves you so much, you need not show it to her by carving anymore on the trees, and surely she knows your name!


Please do not carry your ipods, mobile phones plugged into your ears, there is a lot of music happening around you already, wait…..heard that right, now isn’t sweet right in the morn.

For the first time I realised that while walking in the forest alone and when you havent seen a soul for more than 30 mins, it is not the nonrhythmic voice / noise that scares you but the rhythmic noise / voice what scares you.


You need not need any company, that would help you get some forced peace of mind, after a point of time your phones wouldnt work because the signal goes off, all the more better. So if you cannot enjoy your own company not really the walk for you.


The trail is always there, please do not try to go off trails and catch the shortcuts, it may look good but trust me after a few steps from the main trail is all plain simple forest. 025

The water bodies have found strategic location on the walk because whenever you are done watching the trees, you would hear the sound of flowing water so it breaks the monochromatic view of the walk.


And the walk continues….

Endless forest and utter bliss and nothing else….

Trees, birds, never seen before insects, different colours everybody out there is telling you a story.


Oh there is still more to go…


Total bliss…


Feels like rain forest walk at times…..034

Ok this is scary, and then you have the deers and oh ok the cows and you know what lets just go back now… 035

Monochrome is breathtaking at times..


There was a stream of water flowing once upon a time in Gorewada reserve….


The flowing water could not get the shutter speed click but so what, see the water flowing lol!


I wonder how beautiful it would look in the night with a clear sky…..


It is a walk with the nature….


9 responses to “Gorewada Reserve”

  1. My Say says:

    simply fabulous !! the captures are amazing !

  2. Ritesh Agarwal says:

    oh i always wanted to go for a jungle or wildlife trip….i envy you…great pics btw..thanks

  3. Looks very interesting !! Thanks for share.

  4. gokul says:

    Thanks a lot for prompt reply. superb!!!

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