Chapter 11: Transit in action

Now one thing was sure that Payal is fine, the next was getting the guy down. I had only 10 minutes to my commitment and the clock ticking. I hate to be late! Turning back was off to get back to where it started from. I could see Raj coming from the gate, I guess he is hitting for the washroom, still shaking his right hand to subside the pain. I could not smile to myself looking that the plan is in action. I had to rush towards the door of the washroom and just wait. Funny world the seconds before he arrives seemed so long of a wait. Our eyes met and the spoilt brat took it n his ego and started blabbering, swearing and when we came right in front of me. The action begins.

Before he could realise he got a blow on his stomach, which made him growl then blabbering all the sweet talk he was doing. Kicked his knee from the side so made a damage which would last long really long, hitting on the knee from the front or back makes things repairable. Two straight punches on the ribs and I knew it from that sound that yes; it is a done deal now. Out of frustration I just slapped him and started to move to the gate when I realised, the face. Shit how could I forget it? moved back few steps looked at him and I said “Sorry” knuckles on the nose and elbow on check bone. Haha he is gonna love me for it. One the verge of moving one more tight slap on his left side of the face, just to leave a mark though temporary but nice to remember or rather to be honest more for fun.

I started walking away first and then briskly walking, when the alarm rose as the whole world was hit by a flash flood. The people moving out of the washroom saw the action but before they could retaliate the action was over, but suddenly his friend came crashing on me and I slipped on the floor. Got a good punches on my stomach for sure. Got his neck, knee to his groin and he was losing the grip but before that I had the punch of my life on the face. It pained really bad, but now was not the time to get settle scores but to get myself out of this situation. I got to my feet and started running before I am confronted with anymore of these ‘unidentified goons’ I lost my balance one again but could got myself before I tumbled. Ran as fast as I could out of the main entrance, I wanted to through out, the good number of punches that I had got on my stomach but I could not afford to take such a risk as I know if I throw out now, I am as good as dead.

Saw the car on the opposite side, sprinted, tried to open the door of the car but it was locked. I swore then the door locks opened and I just slid myself flat on the rear seat and asked Payal to Rush as fast as possible outside the city limits. Saying this I could not wait anymore, I opened the door or the car when in motion and threw out. I threw out blood before I could throw out the second round of it. The door of the car banged on street light pole and got a terrible jerk on my head and neck. Payal driving at a crazy speed now I looked and threw out again, I had no choice to say the least. The head and neck aching now and knew from the pain that I too have a broken rib or ribs but surely something has broken down.

I recovered looked at the rear and luckily nobody was following us. I asked Payal to stop the car in a small lane with parked cars. I asked her to switch the lights off but keep the engine running just in case. I did what I dreaded the most before reaching for a safe house. I got out of the car to change the number plates. Now my chest, my ribs, my knuckles, my head, my neck and for some reason my leg gave me pleasurable but unbearable pain. I changed as soon as I could, sat on the driver’s seat and rushed outside the last miles of the city limit. Payal just hopped to the next seat and then she saw and said “this looks like some action” I smiled with all the energy I had, I said can you just stop making me look terrible or clean it off. The tissues are in the dashboard.

She took out the tissues and religiously started to clean my face. “I never felt so soft hands healing my bruises, you should have been a doctor”

Payal said “Yeah sure, now if you could just shut up so I could make you look decent enough. I really want you to look good and not brutally wasted while you say something really nice and pleasing to my ears”

“That you can shop and you have my credit cards with you, out of question” I said

We both laughed but then pain in the ribs really got me cut short of anymore laughter, hell it really pained. Moving out of the city limits was uneventful but painful. I had to change my number before moving out of the city limits as not to gather any attention at the city limits. Was just off to cross the city limits and cop stopped, showed his hands and a red torch directly on my windshield shit this not good. I had sat inside the car lowered my tinted windows and just sat, just sat as calm as possible. The lazy bug even while walking was trying to note down my number, just in case if I flew in front of him. He looked inside say me and Payal and asked “where are you going?”

I so wanted to show him a finger to ask a question with such a lusty look. “We are going home”

The cop “Show your license”

I showed him the licence no doubt that everytime I moved my rib made me remember I know what you did just a few minutes before. The cell phone rang such a wrong time seriously. I showed him the phone on the face; just to say I need to pick this up. As I picked up the phone “How far are you?”

“City limit stopped by a cop”

Ashutosh Sir “I can’t help you on this one, sort it out and give me a buzz on my number and I will call you back”

“Yes sir”

Ashutosh Sir “Also you are late by good 25 minutes”


The click on the phone and cop started acting smart “Your house on the driving license is in the middle of the city where are you going? Are you trying to act over smart with me? Get out of the car” the cop said

Calm, calm yourself this is not the time, just not the right time “Sir we are heading for my residence which is outside the city”

“You step out of the car and who is this girl with you? What are you off to huh?”

Calm relax a bit strongly just to make it apt I said “She is my fiancée and mind your language and if I may I ask why have you stopped us in the first place, under what provision of the law are you stopping vehicles here right now”

“So now you trying to explain me my duties huh” the cop said that and car nastily close to him as if to tease him passed with great speed. He was shocked for a few seconds but got his composure back but stood still and looked for any more crazy cars coming.

I just took a Rs. 500 note handed it over and said to him “it is done; now if you make any fuss, you would surely repent it for sure and mark my words”

The nasty bastard took the money and said “go”

I said “I need my driving license back”

He handed it over after a brief talk but did not make any fuss of it. I rolled my tinted glasses back and said to myself pain these losers are. Getting my composure as well, I drove aimlessly on the highway and then I called up the phone rang and was dropped. I got a call within few seconds back “Mission accomplished sir”

Ashutosh sir “I know I was there to see the action, good job”

“Sir you here in Nagpur”

Ashutosh sir “Obviously, some good for nothing chap trying to put hands on Reenu and you think he would just walk off, anyway it is 2:35 am in the morning I want you to meet me at 5:00 am at the airport, you are flying off for a week. Tell me the name of the girl who was with you?”


Ashutosh Sir “I need the full name and she is going along with you, as of now nothing on wire as to who has done it or anything. Nothing to be worried about but better be safe than sorry”

“Yes sir”

Ashutosh Sir with a voice which is audible but not arrogant or of authority “Thank you”

“You are welcome sir” that is it; the call had to be dropped.

Saw the beauty sitting right next to me, smiled to myself. I asked Payal to help me with a tablet in the dashboard. Atleast some painkiller should help by experience and knowledge I knew nothing serious has happened to me, so going to the medics can be avoided easily. Going to the medics would have surely raised eyebrows and somebody might have got it on the wire. Just looked back at the events in the past two hours, I was so glad that I did not throw up in front of the main entrance of the club or else with forensics they could have proved that I was present at particular place. Obviously the camera’s had recorded us but nothing substantial to accuse me off, but leaving blood on the floor could have got me into a difficult position.

Payal awake but sleepy, just softly slipped on my shoulders holding my hand. The news had to be told, “Payal we have to go out of the city for a week”

Payal fully awake now “What, are you serious I just cannot move out of the house be away for a week with you!”

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